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I made this page in order to give inner depth when calculating stats. Many players wonder what is the exact dex score they need in order to hit a monster reliably, or what is the agility score they need in order to dodge non critical or magic hit. in the next page i am going to explain how does the accuracy and evasion system works in the game. All the info i am about to write is taken from a forum post written by radiant which can be found here, so first of all many thanks to radiant for writing this post which made me understand how the system works.

Accuracy vs Evasion

Accuracy is the chance to hit target with regular attacks which aren't magic or criticals. Your accuracy score and also the mob accuracy score is determined by the dex score + level. meaning if your level is 71 and your dex is 35 then your accuracy score is 106 (without any enchancing accuracy equipment like leather trousers).

when you hit a monster your accuracy score is checked against the monster evasion score. if your accuracy score exceeds the monster evasion score by 15 points or more then you got 95% chance to hit the monster and that is the best chance to hit a monster. every point less in accuracy reduces your chance to hit by 1%, meaning if your accuracy score is 14 points more of the monster evasion score then you got 94% chance to hit the monster.

or another example if your accuracy score is 20 points less than the monster evasion score then your chances to hit are 60%. and here is why: 95% (which is the maximum) -35% (15 points above monster evasion score needed to get maximum hit chance +20 cause your accuracy score is -20 the monster evasion score) = 60% chance to hit the monster.

while the maximum chance to hit threshold is 95% the minimum is 5% and is reached when your accuracy score is lower by 75 points or more than the monster evasion score. so if your accuracy score is 106 and the monster evasion score is 181 or more your chance to hit is 5%.

Evasion or the chance to evade non critical/magic hit, is determined by your agility score + level. the chances to evade are calculated in the exact same way as the chances to hit only this time you take into account the accuracy score of the monster and the evasion score of yourself. for example if your agility score is 49 and your level is 71 then your evasion score is 120. if a monster got accuracy score of 135 then it got 95% to hit you. if it got accuracy score of 100 it got 60% chance to hit you etc.

Calculating Sstats In order to know the evasion/accuracy scores of monsters you can check: Monster stats and add the dex/agi score of monsters to their level. For example i want to make a slime killer at level 71, and i want to spend as less as possible dex on it so i can have more str and agility to kill faster. Red slimes level is 70 their agility score is 8, so their evasion score is 78. in order to have 95% chance to hit them, i need accuracy score of 93. at level 71 i'll need 22 dex to reach this accuracy score (71+22=93).


Formula to calculate dex needed to have 95% hit chance:

MonsterLevel+MonsterAgilityScore+15-MyLevel-other accuracy modifiers=DexNeededToHave95%Hitchance

Formula to calculate Chances to Hit Monster (Considering Accuracy is in range of 15+ -75 of monster evasion score):

95%-(Monsterlevel+MonsterAgilityscore+15-Mylevel-MyDexScore-other accuracy modifiers)=Chances to Hit Monster

if the Score exceeds 95% you still got 95% chance to hit, if it is 10 or less you got 5% chance to hit.

  • Other accuracy modifiers for example are: Leather Trousers, M. eye skill and Bull Helmet.

Few things to take into consideration:

the chance to hit a target is reduced by (distance * (distance + 1)).

luck raises: +0.1% "lucky" dodge chance (the right hand part of your evade value) per point of luck (starting at 1% with 0 luck).

The Mallard's Eye Skill increases the accuracy of archery. In addition, your accuracy remains about the same as without the skill at max Range meaning which that at close range you're much more accurate than without the skill.