Archive:Boss Fight

Quest Overview
Starting Location 005-4 Under Snake Pit
Level 80
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever
Reward EXP and 100 Boss Points
Cost None

What To Do:

  • The map has 4 red and 4 blue "lightning" pillars which mark out 2 equal sized zones on opposing sides of the map
  • The fight itself is designed to encourage cooperation, coordination, and puzzle elements
  • Once started, the first round spawns a set number of electrical mobs in corresponding red and blue colors
  • A colored mob can only be killed in the zone of the same color without inflicting additional damage to the player
  • So a blue must be killed in the blue zone. if killed in the red zone, it will inflict damage to the players in the vicinity
  • Each player also has a color assigned....they must take the mobs of the same color
  • So, blue player takes blue mob to blue zone to kill
  • Next, the mobs must be killed in equal waves
  • so, if you have 2 blue and 2 red, when you kill a blue there is now an imbalance and a red must be killed to compensate
  • while the imbalance is active, additional damage is dealt
  • the zone in between the two colored zones is a neutral zone where healers may sit and heal both sides
  • if a red player and a blue player stand within x tiles of each other (2 tiles at last test), they inflict additional damage to each other
  • before the start of each round, the players are randomly assigned a color
  • so you could be red for round 1, blue for round 2, and blue for round 3
  • it is important not to be within the zone for an opposing color or you will take additional damage
  • 4 red and 4 blue "lightning" pillars making 2 equal opposing sides of the map.
  • Made for level 80 + 3 waves (levels).
  • At first 2 of each color, then 4 and lastly 8.
  • Reward 100 Boss Points.



  • EXP depending on how much monsters you kill with your friends
  • 100 Boss Points (they are useless for now)