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Area: Approaching the fire temple, one need not look up, but down. At the foot of a dormant volcano lies the temple; a network of caves and tunnels accessed through a gaping crack in the ground. Many of the tunnels are always half-full of magma, so enchanted walkways have been constructed to allow the adventurer passage. The main room of the temple is housed in the volcano's magma chamber itself, which is also the seat of the fire elemental Epyri.

Epyri: The elemental of fire, lord over an ever-changing element, can take two forms. Most often, it is seen as a hovering face of flame within one of the many flickering candles in the temple's main room. At times, however, it shows it's other form; a towering double helix of magma that erupts from the fiery pool below. As the spirit of fire, it is quick-tempered, brash, and often highly destructive.

As an element: Fire is a very aggressive element. It consumes all that it finds, and generally encompasses the destructive end of the cycle of life. Fire mages are usually warrior-mages, wielding the power of fire as a weapon against their foes and a barrier to protect their friends. They are mainly concerned with combat magic.