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These are rough instructions, feel free to expand them.

You need to be using the master branch from github that contains the Xcode project file.

Using Xcode

For this you will need to have already downloaded the SDL.framework, SDL_mixer.framework, SDL_image.framework and (if not using trunk) the SDL_net.framework from the SDL site.

Download SDL. Install SDL.framework to /Library/Frameworks

Download SDL_mixer. Install SDL_mixer to /Library/Frameworks

Download SDL_image. Install SDL_image to /Library/Frameworks

Open Xcode Project. I use Xcode 4.3.2 with Lion.

Go to Preferences -> Downloads and install Command Line Tools.

Download and install MacPorts from [1].

Open Terminal window.

run "sudo port selfupdate" to get latest ports tree.

run "sudo port install libxml2" to install libxml2.

run "sudo port install libguichan" to install guichan.

run "sudo port install libsdl_gfx" to install sdl_gfx.

run "sudo port install libsdl_net" to install sdl_net.

run "sudo port install libsdl_ttf" to install sdl_ttf.

run "sudo port install physfs" to install PHYSFS.

run "sudo port install libpng" to install PNG.

run "sudo port install freetype" to install freetype (needed by SDL_ttf)

run "sudo port install libiconv" to install libconv

run "sudo port install gettext" to install libintl

Click build in Xcode.

If you have any problems, ask in the forums.

--Trapdoor 01:39, 18 February 2007 (CET) / Updated 21 November 2007