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  • Spells that say "combines with (blank)" can be combined. The area of effect spell must be cast, then the appropriate direct damage spell can be cast at the spell area (the area of effect of combinable spells is a usable target for the appropriate direct damage spell). Upon doing this, the original area of effect spell immediately ends, and the combined spell takes it's place in the same area. The resultant spells are listed at the bottom.

Spell targeting options

  • Single Target--Spell targets a single character, NPC, or monster.
  • Caster Effect--Spell only effects the character that casted it.
  • Passive--Spell only effects the character, is constant and never needs to be casted.
  • Area of Effect--Spell targets an area of the ground.
  • Tile Effect--Like area of effect, but only targets a single tile.
  • Character-Centered Area of Effect--Spell targets the area surrounding the caster.
  • Summon--Spell summons a creature to aid the caster.


  • Fire Bolt: Single Target. Does small amount of fire damage.
  • Body Heat: Passive. Grants resistance to fire and water.
  • Immolate: Single Target. Sets an enemy on fire, doing damage over time.
  • Burning Rage: Single Target. Enhances a target’s Attack Power for a duration.
  • Blazing Weapon: Single Target. Ignites a player’s weapon, changing its damage to the fire type for a duration.
  • Fireblast: Single Target. Does more damage than Firebolt, and deals splash damage.
  • Burning Heart: Caster Effect. Enhances caster’s magic power for a duration.
  • Embrace of Fire: Single Target. Changes the target’s property to fire.
  • Magma Geyser: Tile Effect. Creates a pillar of fire on a square, doing fire damage.
  • Sunstroke: Area of Effect. Super-heats an area, stunning monsters within.
  • Ground Zero: Caster-Centered Area of Effect. The area around the caster becomes an inferno, damaging all enemies in the effect.
  • Requiem Blaze (combines with Temporal Disruption): Area of Effect. Causes monsters in the targeted area to erupt into flames upon death, dealing fire damage equal to 1/3 their total HP (rounded down) to adjacent enemies.
  • Epyri’s Fury: Area of Effect. Creates an inferno in the target area, dealing massive fire damage to enemies within.


  • Ice Bolt: Single Target. Does a small amount of water damage.
  • Heal: Single Target. Heals the target.
  • Dilution: Passive. Gives resistance to poison and shortens poison duration.
  • Become like Water: Single Target. Enhances a target’s Evasion for a duration.
  • Gift of Genki: Single Target. Heals the target for a large amount, but uses some of the caster’s health.
  • Icy Weapon: Single Target. Freezes a player’s weapon, changing its damage to the water type for a duration.
  • Freeze: Single Target. Encases the target in ice, doing some damage. Target cannot act until attacked or effect ends.
  • Serene Heart: Caster Effect. Enhances caster’s magic armor for a duration.
  • Embrace of Water: Single Target. Changes the target’s property to water.
  • Cleanse: Single Target. Remove negative status effects from the target.
  • River’s Flow: Caster-Centered Area of Effect. Enhances mana recovery rate of allies around caster. Caster is unaffected.
  • Glacial Thaw (combines with Antimatter Shot): Area of Effect. All allies within the area regain health at a moderate pace.
  • Merene’s Mercy: Single Target. Raises fallen ally with full health.


  • Rock Sling: Single Target. Does a small amount of earth damage.
  • Stoic: Passive. Gives resistance to stun effects.
  • Stone Skin: Single Target. Enhances the target’s armor for a duration.
  • Granite Shield: Tile Effect. Creates a shield of stone in front of the player, absorbing physical damage.
  • Crystalline Weapon: Single Target. Infuses a player’s weapon with mineral energy, changing its damage to the earth type for a duration.
  • Steady Heart: Caster Effect. Removes all slowing effects from caster and makes caster immune to slowing effects for a short time.
  • Root: Single Target. Stone Encases the feet of the enemy, immobilizing it.
  • Embrace of Earth: Single Target. Target’s property becomes earth property.
  • Toxin: Single Target. Poisons a foe by chance.
  • Mud: Area of Effect. Makes the ground in an area muddy, slowing the movement of enemies within.
  • Quake: Caster-Cetered Area of Effect. Causes an earthquake under the caster, knocking enemies backwards as well as doing some damage.
  • Solid Ground (combines with Shadow Strike): Area of Effect. Nullifies area of effect spells targeting target area.
  • Geon’s Resolve: Single Target. A target player’s armor and magic defense are greatly increased for a duration.


  • Lightning Bolt: Single Target. Does a small amount of air damage.
  • Swift: Passive. Speeds up the character, increasing chance to dodge.
  • Gust: Single Target. Blows the enemy back.
  • Zephyr Focus: Single Target. Enhances target player’s Accuracy for a duration.
  • Electrified Weapon: Single Target. Charges a player’s weapon, changing its damage to air type for a duration.
  • Capricious Heart: Caster Effect. Increases the caster’s Reflex for a duration.
  • Static: Caster-Centered Area of Effect. Does air damage to enemies surrounding caster. Embrace of Air: Single Target. Target’s property becomes air property.
  • Steal Breath: Single Target. Causes silence by chance.
  • Chain Lightning: Single Target. Air damage against multiple enemies.
  • Thunderstorm: Area of Effect. Creates a lightning storm in the target area that does significant air damage to enemies.
  • Entrapping Gale (combines with Photon Ray): Area of Effect. Nothing (allies or enemies) can leave the area for a duration. Anything can enter the area as normal.
  • Izurial’s Mischief: Caster Effect. Summons a tornado around the caster for a duration, causing heavy damage to any adjacent enemies. The caster is still capable of movement.


  • Photon Ray: Single Target. Does a small amount of light damage.
  • Aurora Beam: Single Target. Heals the target.
  • Illumination: Passive. Caster gains resistance to blindness.
  • Prismatic Ward: Single Target. Provides limited protection from all elements to target for a duration.
  • Purify: Single Target. Cures negative status effects.
  • Lucent Weapon: Single Target. Changes a player's weapon to deal light damage for a duration.
  • Brilliant Flash: Single Target. Causes target to be blind by chance.
  • Aurora Wave: Area of Effect. Heals allies in a target area.
  • Embrace of Light: Single Target. Target's property becomes light property.
  • Resurrect: Single Target. Returns target to life with 25% health.
  • Righteous Heart: Caster Effect. Caster becomes immune to damage for a duration.
  • Sacred Ground (combines with Lightning Bolt): Area of Effect. Everything inside the target area is immune to status effects.
  • Lumine's Hope: Caster Effect. Caster becomes immune to status effects and damage to them is reduced 50% for a duration.


  • Shadow Strike: Single Target. Does a small amount of dark damage.
  • Shadow's Whispers: Passive. Player gains resistance to silence.
  • Depression: Single Target. Target deals less damage for a duration.
  • Stolen Vitality: Single Target. Damages a target and restores a small amount of health to the caster.
  • Lightless Weapon: Single Target. Changes a player's weapon to deal dark damage for a duration.
  • Morbid Heart: Caster Effect. Any opponent touched by caster during a duration loses some defense skill for a duration.
  • Hidden Wisdom: Single Target. Gain knowledge about target. Accuracy by percentage.

Changed 9/15/05 from Grasping Shadow: Single Target. A shadow hand grabs the target, dealing moderate damage and causing paralysis by percentage. --Talaroc

  • Embrace of Darkness: Single Target. Target's property becomes dark property.
  • Form of the Shadows: Single Target. Target becomes ethereal, and can neither deal nor take physical damage for a duration, but takes spell damage normally. Can be cast on self.
  • Clouded Mind: Single Target. Caster becomes invisible to target for a duration.
  • Spite: Single Target. Caster loses a percentage of health to deal massive damage to target.
  • Pitch Black (combines with Rock Sling): Area of Effect. Dark spells work better than normal on all enemies within target area.
  • Tenebrae's Miasma: Summon. Summons spirits of the darkness to fight for you.


  • Temporal Disruption: Single Target. Deals a small amount of time damage.
  • Slow: Single Target. Causes target's moving/attacking speed to decrease for a duration.
  • Sands of the Hourglass: Passive. Player gains resistance to slow.
  • Accelerate: Single Target. Causes target's moving/attacking speed to increase for a duration.
  • Temporal Weapon: Single Target. Changes a player's weapon to deal time damage for a duration.
  • Theft of Time: Single Target. "Ages" the target, causing stat reductions for a duration.
  • Ticks of a Second: Single Target. Every time target ally attacks during a duration, they also perform a second fast attack immediately thereafter.
  • Embrace of Time: Single Target. Target's property becomes time property.
  • Wrinkle in Time: Summon. Summons a perfect duplicate of target that engages the target for a duration. Does not work on bosses.
  • Time Sink: Area of Effect. Causes all enemies in an area to receive slow status effect by a percentage.
  • Temporal Armor: Caster Effect. Causes the next three hits taken by the caster to be immediately undone, and stuns the attacker for a short duration.
  • Temporal Shifting (combines with Fire Bolt): Area of Effect. Enemies within the target area have lower resistance to time spell effects.
  • Chronos's Mirth: Caster-Centered Area of Effect. All damage dealt to player or allies within an area is reflected back to the attacker, and caster gains the double hit from Ticks of a Second for a duration.


  • Antimatter Shot: Single Target. Deals a small amount of space damage.
  • Molecular stability: Passive. Grants caster resistance to time and space effects.
  • Dimensional Warp: Summon. Summons an extra-dimensional being to fight for you.
  • Teleport: Caster Effect. Teleports caster to selected square.
  • Void Weapon: Single Target. Changes a player's weapon to deal space damage for a duration.
  • Chaotic Void: Single Target. Attempts to inflict a random status effect.
  • Wormhole: Single Target. Teleports the target a very short distance; if the target is a monster, one item or piece of equipment in their inventory is consumed. If the target is a player, one equipped item is unequipped.
  • Embrace of Space: Single Target. Target's property becomes space property.
  • Singularity charge: Single target. Does heavy damage to target enemy.
  • Void Dance: Caster-Centered Area of Effect. Emits five orbs of nothingness from random directions from caster, each doing heavy damage.
  • Pulsar: Single target. Does damage and bounces a la chain lightning
  • Black Hole (combines with Ice Bolt): Area of effect. Does damage to all enemies in target area.
  • Teless' Eclipse: Caster effect. Warps caster to alternate dimension where they can move around with impunity, invisible to others.


  • Gate: Character Effect. Teleports the character to their estate.
  • Portal: Tile Effect. Creates a portal to a chosen friendly town. The character must have previously been in the chosen town. Closes after five uses.
  • Living Armor: Character Effect. The character's maximum life is increased for a duration.
  • Essence of the Hero: Single Target. Target ally gains a small boost to stats and becomes able to receive the Mana Weapon spell effect.
  • Mana Weapon: Single Target. Target ally's weapon's base damage is doubled, and it ignores enemy armor and resistances. Only targets under the effect of Essence of the Hero are effected by this spell. (requires reagents)

Combined spells (all are area of effect)

  • Requiem Blaze + Temporal Disruption --> Clinging Magma: Attempts to cast slow on all opponents within the area, and casts immolate on the area continually for a duration.
  • Glacial Thaw + Antimatter Shot --> Starlight Rain: Fully restores health and mana of all allies within the area. Does not effect the caster of Glacial Thaw.
  • Solid Ground + Shadow Strike --> Blighted Land: No spells of any kind can be cast from within the target area.
  • Entrapping Gale + Photon Ray --> Brilliant Vortex: Forces all enemies in the area out, attempting to blind them whenever they are forced out.
  • Sacred Ground + Lightning Bolt --> Consecrated Ground: Deals unbelievable damage to any undead in the area.
  • Pitch Black + Rock Sling --> Obsidian Grasp: Attempts to paralyze all opponents in the area, and drains their mana over time.
  • Temporal Shifting + Fire Bolt --> Blazing Drive: All allies in the area gain the double strike from Ticks of a Second, and some fire damage is added to their attacks.
  • Black Hole + Ice bolt --> Frozen Vacuum: Casts freeze on all opponents in the area as well as dealing significant damage.

Cblade Spells if Wanted

-- Necromancy Spirit 	| Grevil 
   + Leech Life
     Passive: The caster regains 3% of all damage dealt.

   + Unholy Aura
     Single: The Target deals +5 damage with every blow.

   + Raise Skeletons
     AOE: The Caster can raise a small mound of corspes as skeletons,
     however the skeletons must be somewhat humanoid.

   + Nocturnal Nights
     Passive: The caster regains 2 HP / Sec while in moon light.

   + Unholy Blast
     AOE: Everything (Including the Caster if effected) takes an
     ongoing peanlty to strength.

   + Raise Dead
     Single Target: The corspe gets raised to 1 hit point. after which
     they are given 10 seconds of invulnerability time.
   + Swarms of the Dead
     Summoning: This spells summons a random number (1-6) of 
     weak undead minions to aide the caster.

   + Ressurection
     Single Target: As Raise Dead, but gives the raised person full

   + Shadows of the Damned
     AOE: It starts hailing black fire meteors in the area, each
     meteor not only does massive damage, but with every hit there
     is a 10% chance that the creature(s) will instantly be turned
     to loyal undead subjects for 3 minutes, after which they die.
     Players are not immune to this but will have to respawn after
     they die with the spell.

-- Telekenesis Spirit 	| Kaei 

   + Focus Mind
     Single Target: Durring the spell the target regains 3 Mp / Sec 
     for 30 seconds
   + Focus Body
     Single Target: Durring the spell the target regains 3 Hp / Sec
     for 30 seconds

   + Focus Soul
     Single Target: Durring the spell the target gains 1.25x experience

   + Telekenesis Blade
     Single Target: The caster throws a energy like blade at the target
     that deals 1/2 damage in Hp and 1/2 damage in Mp.

   + Psychic Minds
     Passive: Gain effects similar to a radar that lets you know within 
     1600pxl radius where enemies and players are exactly. This 'Radar'
     lasts for two minutes.

   + Skate
     Single Target: Increases the movement rate of the target by 50%.

   + Synthisize
     AOE: random objects appear within the Area of Effect. These objects 
     do not harm nor hinder, but they can be picked up.

   + Psionic Retort
     Passive: Whenever the caster takes damage, that damage is reduced
     by one half, and the attacking creature takes 1.5x damage that
     would have been dealt.

   + Psionic Blast
     Caster Effect - AOE BLAST: Upon casting the psionic blast will
     send everything within 175 pixels of them flying 3500 pixels.
     the blast deals only moderate damage initially, but deals the
     damage twice, once for the initial blast, then again once they
     land from the flying part of the blast. Should they collide with
     another creature, building, etc, both the person colliding and
     the other object will take additional damage as well.

-- Nature Spirit 	| Gaia 

   + Moonlights
     Passive: Moonlights simply light up a 100pxl area around the caster
     for 10 minutes.

   + Seeds of Sol
     Single Target: Seeds of sol put into the target's inventory 5 sol
     fruits, each fruit recovers 15 hp. The fruits however go away after
     three in game days have passed.

   + Zap
     Single Target + AOE: Zap deals a limited amount of electric damage to
     a single target, and then deals splash damage of 1/2 damage dealt to
     everything that is within 50 pxl of the target.

   + Entangle 
     AOE: Vines come up out of the ground, hindering the movement of all
     who enter the area.

   + Frostbite
     Single Target + AOE: Frostbite deals a moderate amount of cold 
     damage to a single target, in addition those within 100pxl of
     the spell take 1/3 splash damage.

   + Firebite
     AS FROSTBITE, but Fire damage instead.

   + Trinity
     AOE: Everythin within the area takes a moderate amount of fire, forst
     and electric damage.

   + Zone of Dispelling
     AOE: Everything within the area can no longer cast spells or use magic.

   + Zone of Befalling
     AOE: Everything within the area can cast spells, but instead drains
     double the casting cost of hit points and double the casting cost in
     mana points for all magic used in the area.

-- Healing Spirit 	| Seao 

   + Requiem of Healing
     Passive: The caster heals 2 Hp / Sec for 30 secs.

   + Blessed Breath
     Single Target: The target's weapon no longer harms enemies, but heals
     players instead, the weapon's damage is inversed, except when fighting
     against the undead, at which point it deals double damage.

   + Ball of Being
     Single Target: As Requiem of Healing but heals one target for 15 secs.

   + Seao's Womb
     Single Target: Seao's womb immobilizes a single target, but they regain
     5 hp and 5 mp / sec for 30 secs.

   + Seao's Shine
     Single Target: Seao's Shine reduces the amount of damage taken by 10%,
     this effect lasts for 60 seconds.

   + Seao's Will
     As Seao's Womb, but the target is not immoblizied, but the healing is
     reduced to 3 hp / 3 mp.

   + Saint's Grace
     AOE Limited: The members of the player's party gains the effect
     of Seao's Shine and Seao's Will.

   + Redeeming Spirits
     Single Target: As Seao's Shine but the amount of damage taken is futher
     reduced by 20% (30% total) and the effect lasts for 90 seconds.

   + Saeo's Vortex
     AOE - Limited: All party members in the vortex regain the following:
     +6 hp / sec, +6 mp / sec
     in addition all party members gain the effects of Seao's Shine.
     The effects lasts for 120 seconds.

-- Leeching Spirit 	| Evernorth 

   + Syphon Life 
     Single Target: The target takes mild HP damage, the caster regains 1/4
     of the total damage.

   + Syphon Mana
     As Syphon Life, but Mp Damage and healing instead.

   + Syphon Soul
     As Syphon Life and Mana, but the target takes little of both damages.

   + Syphon Power
     Single Target: This spell taps into the mystic universe and copies a
     spell that the player recently used, once copied, the player may use
     that spell at 1.5x mana cost for upto 1 in game day. As long as they
     have the copied power however, they cannot use Syphon Power until they
     dismiss the copied power, or the power has been vanquished by time.

   + Share Pain
     Single Target - Party Only: This spell taps you into the psychical 
     prowess the the human body allowing half of the damage you take to 
     to be passed onto another.

   + Drain Soul
     Single Target: As Syphon Soul however the damage is mild to both
     MP and HP and the caster regains 1/2 damage dealt.

   + Share Power
     Single Target - Party Only: The target of this spell looses all of their
     mana and you loose all of yours, all this mana goes into a shared mana
     battery, from which you both share spells and mana, once however the
     spell has ended, the battery is severed, and you both regain 1/2 of the
     mana still in the battery. The battery will sever its self in 10 minutes.

   + Drain Souls
     AOE: as Drain Soul but hurts all charicters and creatures in the
     target area.

   + Black Void
     AOE: as Drain Souls however, the damage is moderate to both MP and HP, and
     the caster regains all HP and MP damage dealt this way.

-- Anti-Magic Spirit 	| Aen 

   + Anti Magic Barrier
     Single Target: The target takes a reduced amount of damage from spells
     by 10%, this effect lasts for 30 secs.

   + Anti Magic Shield
     Passive: The Caster takes a reduced amount of damage from spells by 15%
     this effect lasts for 30 secs.

   + Anti Magic Armor
     Passive: The Magic Armor increases for 1 minute the casters magical
     defence ability by 10%

   + Halt Magic
     Single Target: This spell will discharge one magical effect on a
     target for 3 minutes, if the effect continues after that time or
     is put back into place, the effect resumes as normal.

   + Fizzle Magic
     Single Target: This spells creates a backlash of energy focused on
     a single target, if the target is casting a spell at the time, the
     backlash hurts the player for 2x damage (MP COST) and disrupts 
     the spell. If the target finishes the spell or is not casting a 
     spell however, the spell will have no effect.

   + Mirror Guard
     Single Target: This spell creates a magical armor that will bounce a
     spell with a certain probability back to the caster.
     Tier 1 Spells: 50%
     Tier 2 Spells: 25%
     Tier 3 Spells: 5%

   + Explode Magic
     As Fizzle Magic, however the damage is 3x the amount of the spells
     casting cost in HP damage and in MP damage as well.

   + Nexus Mirrors
     AOE - PARTY: As mirror guard but effects everyone in your party that is
     in range of the spell.

   + Beholder Void
     AOE: Everytime someone other than the caster casts a spell in the area,
     they take 5x the casting cost in HP and MP damage, in addition their
     spells fail with a certain probability.
     Tier 1:  20%
     Tier 2:  15%
     Tier 3:  10%