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This page is to include the plan of TMW development part of of wiki. We can imagine a part of this page (or the whole) is transcluded to main page.

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Development General information

You want to help or join the development team but don't know where to start? Well look at these pages to know on what you would like to focus on first. You might also want to talk with other devs on IRC. and the Developers' channel is #themanaworld-dev.

How to Develop

Overview of various ways to contribute, directs to more specific pages such as personal server and git

    • Hack your Client
    • How does it work? what Server does, what client does, file hierarchy, (may duplicate with further object description)
    • Personal server setup is required for scripting and mapping.
    • Keep you files up to date: github quick intro (?), Github hierarchy

Who's Who


Team Working Tools
Individual Tools

Describes and categorizes tools, directs to specific pages such as Tiled

  • Tiled
  • Sharing tools and sites: dropbox and alike, Deviant art, Image sharing, pastebin...
  • Various Suggested tools and where to get them (IDEs, graphic, music software..).

Game Content

  • Story and Game Concepts
  • TMW Eathena objects and their relations

Graphic Development

Items, NPCs, Mobs: Icons and sprites


Sound and music


Client and Server Development


while this page has not been accepted, use this place to place your remarks and edits. (please sign) --Nard 04:22, 11 April 2013 (EDT)