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Updating the version and release date

The program version and release date are mentioned in several places. Some other places are also important to check before making a release.

  • CMakeLists.txt – version
  • – version
  • INSTALL – dependencies and their versions
  • NEWS – version, release date and changes
  • README – version and release date
  • data/help/changes.txt – version, release date and changes
  • data/help/header.txt – version and release date
  • src/main.h – version
  • src/winver.h – version
  • packaging/windows/setup.nsi - version

Making a clean tarball

Authors and packagers should work on making a clean tarball, which has no .git folders, no Makefiles, no .deps folders, etc... That kind of clean is needed when uploading sources such as for debian, and can be obtained thanks to make dist, with automake.

To test that the distribution compiles and installs with just the files included in the release, make distcheck can be used. However, you should also make sure that it actually runs.

Creating a windows installer

First time setup:

  1. Clone the Git repository of the eAthena client. The directory where you have the cloned repository will now be referred to as "TMW"
  2. Get Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
  3. Install UPX (the script expects upx to be in a "upx" subdirectory)
  4. Get Code::Blocks and all libraries.
  5. Check if the dlls were compressed (SDL.dll, SDL_Image.dll, SDL_Mixer.dll)
  6. Get Gettext for windows
  7. Copy msgfmt.exe and all DLL files from the directory "bin" of your gettext installation to TMW/packaging/windows

For each release:

  1. Open TMW/tmw.cbp with Code::Blocks and compile the project
  2. Run the visual basic script TMW/packaging/windows/make-translations.vbs to compile the gettext translation files
  3. Make sure setup.nsi mentions the right TMW version
  4. Run the script TMW/packaging/windows/setup.nsi using NSIS
  5. Test the installer with a fresh installation (uninstall and delete installations). Test also uninstall process to check if removes all the files.

You will now have a distributable installer in TMW/packaging/windows/

Notifying the package maintainers and websites

Normally first the source and Windows releases are made. After verifying everything works with several people for at least a day, the release will be tagged in Git. At that point the release is official and the package maintainers should get started on producing their package.

The following people are responsible for updating their packages:

The following people are responsible for updating the respective websites:

Updating the wiki

The following pages may need to be brought up to date with the new release. Anyone may update these pages, and are encouraged to do so.