This article collects information regarding the conceptualisation of the game world of The Mana World.

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Characters can become members of the following organizations, considering they meet or exceed the entry requirements, which vary depending upon the focus of interest. Acquiring membership within an organization can garner a variety of benefits, ranging from discounted items from certain vendors to special quests and access to special areas. However, affiliation will also risk disadvantages, the likes of which are often the very opposite of the advantages; higher-priced items from certain vendors, restriction from performing a seemingly normal quest, or restricted access to certain areas.

It is possible to belong to multiple organizations, simultaneously, considering none of them conflict with each other. Educational and professional organizations for example, are non-political and focus strictly upon the general sharing of knowledge. For example, imagine your character follows a religion; it's likely that if this character attends school or joins a guild, they will essentially be in the company of religious enemies.

Some organizations are more business-oriented and hire paid employees, rather than recruit members.

Educational & Professional

These organizations do not tend to inspire a lot of opposition in anyone and thus, are mostly, if not purely beneficial.

Schools are ideal examples of the initial, (low level) educational affiliations a character might encounter. Though characters can stay indefinitely affiliated, schools are often only a first step toward other interests. Students often end their schooling prematurely, to pursue training elsewhere. However, those who complete a school's available curriculum graduate beyond the title of student. Graduation awards can be included, as added incentive to finish school.

Magic Academy

Members of this academy are mostly trainee and apprentice-level mages, though moderate-level wizards preside over the lessons and research. Basic courses are available for every magical background.

Combat School

As the name adequately implies, students of this school are instructed in the ways of combat. Any character who feels the call of the warrior will likely want to begin their training here. This "school" could be more of a training ground / camp, possibly located in the wastes of Sonbral.

If you've graduated from a school, you'll probably meet or exceed the requirement of the relative professional organization, where you can expand upon what you've already learned.

Treasure Hunters Club

A good portion of this group's memberlist might fit the description: "glorified, spelunking, burglars" ..however a number of the veteran and elder members are fairly accomplished adventurers. The experts here share their ideas regarding trap-detection / disarming, "lock bypassing and other professionally relevant topics. Treasure hunters are known for carrying exotic weaponry; a result of their hazardous, well-traveled work. A popular combination is a gun and

Warrior Guild

Accomplished warriors of all sorts belong to this guild.

Wizard Guild

Accomplished wizards of all sorts belong to this guild.

Religious & Social

Religions in this world are mostly products of the Gods' manipulative influence. Despite this, they do offer advantages and disadvantages, like other organizations; it's more about the principle of who and what you're really supporting. In an attempt to recreate the carnage of ancient Mankind's civil war, the Gods have gradually pitted most of the religions against each another. However, people of this world tend to be dedicated to self-improvement, rather than organized faith. Maybe also due to the fact that religion is still a relatively new concept, it has yet to significantly impact civilization.


This religion studies the teachings of Molmu, the God of Earth.


This religion studies the teachings of Korthus, the God of Water.


This religion studies the teachings of Vavilat, the God of Air.


This religion studies the teachings of Rutram, the God of Fire.

Business & Service

When seeking employment, businesses and services are often the ideal organizations to join. Business care much less about helping you to expand your abilities, than they do about exploiting your abilities to make a profit. ..and there's no secret about this, because you're not joining some social group, you're at least partially in it for the money, too!

Archaeological Recovery Firm

With an office on each continent, the Archaeological Recovery Firm contracts individuals and groups for exploratory missions, in to caves, ruins and other hazardous, often subterranean places.. usually in search of historically significant items and lost relics.

Mercenary Services Network

Economic & Trade

Abbana Merchant Association

Redstone Consortium

Free Trade Union

Military & Paramilitary

Ancean Imperial Marines

Keshlam Flight Corps

Criminal & Rogue

Order of Thieves

Acting in itself as a sort of trade organization / kingdom, the Order of Thieves operates a global chain of black market bazaars and back-alley vendors, with a remote stronghold located somewhere in Kaizei.

Pirates & Smugglers

Pirates typically perform two general routines; plundering and smuggling.. some do a bit of both. Stealing a ship's cargo or sacking a village is an obvious crime with an obvious profit margin. Smuggling on the other hand, doesn't necessarily imply that the goods are stolen, simply that no taxes are honored during the transaction. Occasionally, smugglers also deal in illegal goods.

Characters that choose to join the ranks of a pirate crew risk potential imprisonment. If the Ancean Imperial Marines, or any of the Trade organizations were to capture you acting as a pirate, you would be sent swiftly to the detention facility of their choosing.