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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World rEvolt. If you're interested for the Classic game, please go to the Classic portal.

This article contains information for Programmers working or interested in working for The Mana World

Working ports

The Mana World is known to work on the following systems:

  • Windows XP/2K/9x (either Dev-C++ or MSVC)
  • GNU/Linux x86 and amd64
  • NetBSD-current (Should work on other versions-- available in pkgsrc-wip/tmw)
  • FreeBSD 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x (aka HEAD); (4.x should work, too)
  • OpenBSD (in ports games/tmw [1])
  • Mac OS X (MacOSX port)

Unstable ports

The following need testing or are in progress:

  • GNU (aka GNU/HURD)
  • BeOS (BeOS Max 3.1 beta 1) (BeOS port)
  • Zeta (BeOS based)
  • GNU/Linux PPC
  • NetBSD 2.0 (NetBSD port)

If your platform is not in the above list you can help us by making a package for it. Read Making a new release.