Arkim's Brother

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 056-2, Miraks house (Woods)
Level 25 (required)
Prerequisites None
Redoable Once per 24 h.
Reward 20 times your daily points, both money and experience
Cost None

Background Story

Arkim has a brother. Both lived long time together in the house of their parents. The crazy Arkim bugged his brother the whole time until he decided some day to go into the caves and make experiments with bats. His brother stayed a while in Family home then bought a house in the woods to retire from the world. He now enjoys meditating and reading... in SILENCE! But you, annoying player, came to his home and disrupt the newly got freedom with your questions! So Mirak prefers to pay and get rid of you, nasty one, as soon as possible and have silence back. But be warned! If you insist too much, Mirak is rather bad tempered (he says it himself) and he has "studied under the Mages of Tulimshar!"...


This spoiler is here as a reference, you may prefer to discover things by yourself as you re supposed to do in a role playing game...

What To Do:

  • Mirak's house is located in the woods, in the north-western part of the map. Enter and read the notes
  • Find your way to Mirak and speak with him. He will first ignore you. Speak him again and ask for money, shame on you!


  • Warning: If you make Mirak angry, or come with no energy (Daily Points), he will make you visit the world of the undead (you will cease to exist) and forbid you to come back during 24 hours.
  • If Mirak paid you, you will be "exhausted" for all other Daily Quests as usual.


  • 20 times your daily points Exp
  • 20 times your daily points GP

Total Cost:

  • Your Daily points.