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Land: Argaes

Locality: Woodland

Map Name: Woodland

Map Number: 011-1

Coordinates: 50 68

Auldsbel is an erudite wizard vacationing for experiments in the Woodlands, directly West of Hurnscald. Look for his house just South of the road. He will introduce to you the five different schools of Magic (General, Life, War, Transmutation, Nature and Astral). Member of the Council of Transmuters, he is himself a great specialist of the Transmutation Magic. He will tell you the best way to advance in your magical practice and teach you concretely how Spells work. Auldsbel has profound knowledge of Magic and is a good first stop for anyone learning it.

Once you have progressed enough in your Magic Level and if you have helped him in some experiments, he will teach you some Spells. For more information see the Magic Quests.

He is able to make a Mana Potion for you with the right ingredients which are 1 Pearl, 10,000 GP and 20 Mauve Herbs. Although he can make this, Wyara uses a different and cheaper recipe.

He also knows how to transmute Piles of Ash into Sulphur Powders at a ratio of 1:5 for 250 GP. He will later teach you how to transmute it by yourself.

Auldsbel can also teach you the Astral Soul Skill if you give him 11,300 GP.

Spells taught by Auldsbel:

For further details on these spells, you should visit the Magic Quests and the Spells pages.

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