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Northwest Tulimshar

Because players enter Northwest Tulimshar, a number of things could be done to make it better here:

  • More miscellaneous stuff and NPCs in the starting area. NPCs could be doing their own thing, but perhaps they are animated in some way to be more appealing to the eye. Also make better NPC poses and/or animate them for the starting area NPCs.
  • Have something going on at the docks, including some low level delivery quest between two NPCs on the walk through the docks. Add NPCs fishing off the side of the docks.
  • Expand the Wizard School so that magic can be taught from level one.
  • Expand the cave behind the Wizard School to have a easy grind area for starting wizards with interesting stuff inside connected to beginning wizard quests.
  • Change the bow and short bow offered in the quests to slingshot and hooligan's slingshot. Offer a low level humanoid "hooligan" as a timed event monster that is released every few hours that shoots a slingshot on Western Tulimshar maps. As powerful as the Scorpion, but shoots a slingshot. The hooligan could drop the hooligan's slingshot as well as it being offered in the quests or sold in Tulimshar stores.
  • Make street signs and building signs which help locate different areas of Tulimshar. Add NPCs that have an opinion on interacting with: the Wizard Council, the Wizard School, the Docks, North Market, South Market.
  • In the North Market, offer daily quests for various drops in the area, offer crafting for iron and concentration potions using Tulimshar native drops. Build a higher grade slingshot (tier 3 slingshot) with snake tongues and wood. Craft like the forest bow, but destroying the snake tongues until tight enough and make it repeatable.
  • In the South Market, offer selling bags of stones 1 gp for 10 regular stones or 1 polished stone. In the North Market a man uses alchemy to make polished stones magical, with the character's help. Using snake eggs, black scorpion stingers and cactus potions, he can make X number of magical stones. X being a factor effected by the same alchemy system used to make the healing potions.

Sewer Battle

  • Modified Water battle in Tulimshar Sewer in large pool.

Kage's Spark Battle


  • Continue Kryllian quests and open his shop.


  • I want some ruins and dead miners around tulimshar from the earthquake.
  • I have a memorial built for the them in the noble quarter and a quest planned around it.
  • Basically this area like like the crypts & Cave2 set combined.
  • Remember Us, On Release the memorial will not have a ghost. Instead the Council of Wizards are Organizing an Expedition to clear the Road to Gispaa.
    • Each Member of the Council will require various materials and reward them with a supply crate (healing/mana items) and something to use to help spawn the ghost


  • Explorers from Nivalis are in Tonori doing research.
    • Each of the 4 members has a quest for the player
    • Each dealing with a various element local to Tulimshar
    • Crick Slime Samples 043-3
    • Others not decided.

Thieves Guild

  • Suspicious Greeting, Shady Trader talks to those with level 80+
  • Earning Our Trust, Multi-choice quests; B&E (Dex), PP (Agi), Chats (Int), Late Fees (Str)
  • Player has to complete 10 successfully
  • Prison, while performing some thief actions you can get caught
    • Set save point to castle dungeon.
    • spawn <GuardMob>, fight or flee.
    • Escape, Sneak out, pay fine, work it off in the mines or Gladiator (PvP).
  • Pirates!
  • Stepping on Toes, Steal the pirates booze shipments located at various locations on 023-1 & 023-3.
  • Doing the Two Step, Sell stolen booze to Buccuneer's Den owner at 004-2.
  • Eviction Notice, Go into the caves under Buccuneer's Den and kill The Dread Pirate Marley.
  • Sub-Quest, Pirates Riddle Room requires Treasure Map.
  • Once complete the Cellar door in the basement of the Buccaneer's Den that would normally take you to 004-3 takes you to 004-2 the Thieves Guild which will contain an entrance to 004-3 similar to the existing one.


  • (wip) Tulimshar
  • (wip) New Docks
  • (wip) Noble
  • (wip) Castle
  • (wip) Desert
  • (wip) Inn
  • (wip) Shop/Equipment
  • (wip) Smithy
  • (wip) Forge
  • (NARD) Noble Indoors
  • (Req) Ruins
    • Take the old walls off desert1 & desert2 plus that old style building, use the old tulimshar color and make everything ruins.
  • (Req) Prison/Dungeon


  • Pirates (wip)
    • Thug
    • Swashbuckler
    • Grenadier
    • The Dread Pirate Marley (Boss)
  • Slimes (wip)
    • Slime Mother (Mini-Bosses)
    • Lava Slime
    • More Angry slimes (stronger slime variants)
  • Prison (Req)
    • Generic Gaurds
  • Caves
    • Miner Ghosts


  • Expedition
    • Dr. Francis Crick (Scientist, M) (wip)
    • Dr. Ibn Battuta (Scholar, M)
    • Maeric, (Explorer, M)
    • Vex, (Explorer, F)
  • Thieves Guild (Smugglers) (Wushin)
    • Stone, (GuildMaster,F)
    • Benjamin Honey-cut (The Mouthpiece,M) (speech)
    • Roland Locksbury (The Hidden,M) (stealth)
    • Sharuca the Maul (The Muscle, F) (force)
  • Prison (Req)
    • Soul Menhir
  • Traps (wip)
    • Rope Trip wire
    • Floor Spikes
    • Wall Arrows
  • Shops (wip)
    • Manakins
  • Castle
    • Council of Wizards
    • One Wizard per Magic type


  • Prison (wip)
    • Pickaxe
  • Slime Mother (wip)
    • Slime Arrow
    • Slime covered forest bow.
  • Pirates (wip)
    • Dyeable Bandanna
  • Scientist (wip)
    • Petri dish w/wo sample
  • Cave
    • Perished Miner (wip)

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