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This is for the Trade City project. The Trade City is going to become the new main port of Argaes and may become the main low level area after the beginning Tulimshar quests.

Project Lead: Jaxad0127

Scripting: Jaxad0127

Graphics: Wombat


Trade City Content Development Discussion Argaes on our wiki has information relavant to where the city is to be located.

"From the cliffs, a waterfall feeds a river that runs south, where it eventually meets a lake. Along the lake and bisected by the river lies the economic hub of the continent; Trade City.

A highway leaves Trade City its east and west gates. Following the road out of town in an easterly direction takes you through farmland and gradually in to hotter climate. Traveling instead to the west, you would quickly find the edge of the great forest."



New Monsters:Drewida - A sprite creature that summons woodland creatures to help her fight. Will have several weapon and clothing choices, with recolorable skin and eyes. Different eyesets will also be made to give the Drewida enough assessories to make many varieties.

The first monster for the Grass Drewida to summon will be a small mammal-like creature, also recolorable.

Building the building tilesets: The castle tileset and the concrete tileset were used to make the blue tile roof tileset by Merlin. We are fixing the castle tilesets and creating a small handful of building tilesets using the blue tile roof tileset. Because the blue tile roof tileset is oversized, I've decided to remove only parts of them to create the first set of buildings. It is my hope to use up all of the blue tile roof tileset, as well as add a few other structures to it in the creation of these tilesets.Wombat (talk) 15:21, 20 July 2013 (UTC)

With the finding of a great deal of CR1 tileset work, we have decided to use what we can of it for the Trade City. The final version of the tile roof tile set by Merlin, Ivan Moore and Irukard will be used for the roof, which the walls by Ivan Moore will be used for the exterior building walls.Wombat (talk) 05:27, 22 July 2013 (UTC)

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