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The continent of Ancea was the first to harbour sentient life. The first sentient creatures to set foot on its shores were the Tritans, however they only used the continent to supplement their diet with plants and animal life and never built any permanent settlements, as they preferred to dwell in the ocean. The first settlements were built by the Humans, followed by the Ukar. Humans successfully settled most of the continent, from the hot dry climate of Tonori to the cold frozen landscapes of Kaizei.


Kaizei is an icy country, identified by its vast whiteness and snowstorms in many parts of the land. Within Kaizei you will find three locations in the game, namely; Nivalis, Thermin, and Mangarron.

* Land of Fire

This large Island on the North-West of the Kaizei region is sometimes considered a separate land from the rest of Ancea due to its peculiar geologic composition. However, the island is in fact part of the main continent.


Argaes is the green country of the Ancean Continent. Boasting a large forest area known as the Woodland, this county is rich in resources as well as having many flora and fauna.


The desert land of Tonori is a firmly established country. Even though severely damaged by The Great Quake, Tonori has a bustling capital, and many mines.

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