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TMW Classic Groups are also called guilds. Players in a guild have their own global chat that only members in the same guild can use, just like the chat tab for parties. The currently used guild system includes the Classic:Guild (Bot), meaning all actions, like inviting new members, are directed to him. When your guild chat tab is missing it's most likely because Classic:Guild (Bot) is offline.

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Crew of Red Corsair


116022 banner 40%.jpg

Welcome brave Corsair! Join us and share a great adventure with the Crew. We do events, quizzes, hide and seek games, or whatever you would like to organize, to support the enthusiasm and passion of the players of this beautiful world of Mana.

Our Aim / Purpose

The aim of a corsair and our main mission is to increase your interest in playing this game and to join its community. The guild is for everyone who thinks that the community is as important, at least, as the game itself. We want to give you the best start possible as new or advanced players and naturally guide you through the game if needed. Our guild helps with quests and leveling. Our journey will be fun and full of surprises all along the way of this great adventure of Mana.

The adventure begins now! Join us and become a member of the crew. Become a member of the biggest corsair crew in the history of The Mana World!

How to Join?

First have a look at our activities and members on the CRC web site. You can meet some of us easily in game, and play together a bit, so we can know each other. When one of our members recommends you, apply on the site.

Contact Us:

Captains: Reid, Rill

Quartermasters: Micksha

Officiers: Ginosuper, Jak

Site :

Or, give us a whisper (using "/w", "/msg" or "/whisper" commands) in game for more information.

The Mana Empire

Our Aim / Purpose

The purpose of The Mana Empire is to gather players who want a better grasp of The Mana World experience. We help each other with quests, answer questions and are always there when a friend is in need. The Mana Empire has a great community whether it's on the guild forums or in the guild tab everyone is friendly and helpful. Our guild also consists of events, game and technical support forum, a walk through on the forum, different class stat ideas and more. Its full of fun and its easy to make friends in this community. So feel free to visit the guild website below and join this MMORPGs royal family today!

Contact Us:




Leaders: Chicka-Maria, Sango98, Tiapeluca and Kabukikooky.