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This article collects information regarding the conceptualisation of the game world of The Mana World.

The Lands of The Mana World

The Mana World is a vast world known as Gasaron, covering many maps, and each map holding many NPCs and monsters that may be needed for resources. This page is developed to help you to navigate your way through the game by giving you the names of each landmass and all its subdivisions.

The Continent of Aemil

Aemil is a large landmass to the West of Argaes (Argaes being the main continent holding three of the countries in the Mana World. For more information on Aemil, visit the page or the Gasaron page.

The Continent of Candor Island

Main Island Info

As the land mass is so small, there is only the one locality, which is Candor itself. Here is where players start from, after being saved from their accident (as explained by Sorfina), and are able to train, and prepare themselves for the game ahead.
Map of Candor (Click on map to enlarge)

You will find in Candor many small Quests, which will equip you with the items and skills you need to be on your way to being a powerful player in the other, more inhospitable areas of the other lands. Before leaving Candor, it is good to ensure that you have completed all the Quests in the area, and learned all the necessary skills. Be sure to have contacted every single NPC on Candor Island before you travel, with the exception of Parua, maybe, as he is only there for one event of which it would be wise to wait until you have a bit more strength and experience before making use of his services.

Parua's Battle Arena

A specific cave is set up in Candor for battles. Multiple players may go there, and fight the powers that be in the Candor cave. Be warned, this is no place for the weak!

The Continent of Ancea

Ancea is made up of three countries played in game, as well as the Land of Fire. It is to the East, across the great Tritan Ocean, and is a continent, not only with a vast mix of people, but where the land varies from top to bottom, and is brimming with life.


Tonori is known as the "Great Desert", as the majority of the land is bearly arable. It doesn't take long for a player to realise this, although the land is abundant in nourishment, due to the hard work of the locals. For other information on this continent, please see the Tonori page.

Map of Tonori (Click on map to enlarge)
Cities, Towns and Localities of Tonori


Tulimshar is the capital of Tonori, and has most of the activity of this land contained within and near its walled areas. There are many NPCs, and the population fluctuates dramatically, especially since it has a hotel and the Casino in its walls. It is the second-most busy town in The Mana World. The town is divided up into a number of smaller localities, mainly Tulimshar Port, South Tulimshar (including the Noble District and what used to be known as the Sandstorm Desert), and it holds the Tulimshar Mining Camp, leading out into many areas through the underground network, including but not limited to the Desert Mountains area, the Desert Mines and the world famous Snake Pit. From here, an explorer can make his way to almost every part of the world, due to the intrinsic paths that have been mapped out in the deep underground. The town of Tulimshar itself has a fantastic range of stores, and a sewer system unlike that found in any other part of The Mana World. Due to the Great Quake though, this sewer system also hosts many monsters. It is also the only way known to get through to the beach, on the North Western side, where Green and Sea Slimes are in abundance. The caves to the NorthWest are extremely dangerous, even for higher level players, since the pirates decided to set up their camp there. You can access this cave by heading West as you leave the Southern city gates, and heading North, up along the Western wall. If you would like more information, you can look at the Tulimshar page.

Desert Mountains

The Desert Mountains are famous for their many deadly snakes and other creatures. This land is distant from the Tulimshar capital, and many adventurers make their way here to practice their Speed Skill in the open areas and caves, training themselves to outdo the snakes. Very brave warriors indeed. The tribes out here offer important materials that can help an adventurer survive in these desolated lands, and they have established a trade link to the other lands. It is here you will see Pachua, who will help you with materials, as well as supplying you with garments manufactured from Snake Skins that you bring to him.

Sandy Dungeon

Sandy Dungeon is an underground area where a trained adventurer can collect many valuable resources for their journeys and Quests throughout the game. There is a rich supply of necessary Ash from the volcano, as well as Rubies and Emeralds, and as one leaves the Dungeon they will enter the deadly Troll Caves. Here they may encounter Undead Witches, Trolls, Undead Trolls, the Black Scorpion, and even the Terranite lurks here in the dangerous parts, just outside of these caves. The way from Sandy Dungeon also leads to the Snake Pit.

Snake Pit

The Snake Pit is famous for its three varieties of Snake that have made their way to other lands. Due to miners establishing their trade with the outsiders, and making a way through to the Northern Hurnscald Mines, so you will encounter Skeletons infrequently, who have lingered from the past caves of Hurnscald, and made their way into the mines. The Snake Pit is like a junction to other areas, although there are many dangerous monsters in it. To see some of these pathways, have a look at the Snake Pit page.

Desert Mines

Much produce is taken from these mines, and there is plenty of work for the local residents. If you are in the vicinity, why not speak to Lieutenant Dausen, who will direct you to Nickos, the mine manager, as he could use a hand. This mine has its own risks, but is a great place for a beginner to start, as they can learn so much from the local miners there. Here you will be introduced to the deeper areas of the mines, and you can acquire for yourself a handsome reward from helping one of the miners in this area.

The Desert Mountain Caves

It is the Desert Mountain Caves that have claimed many an adventurers life, as they attempt to make their way through the underground, beneath the Desert Mountains. Many a monster lurks here waiting for a bone to chew on. Be warned, and be fast if travelling through. If you are there to train, you are indeed a brave warrior.


Argaes is a land abundant in resources, with a lush green environment all year round. You can travel for a long time in this vast land, as there are many hidden places with their own stories to tell. There are an abundant supply of Quests to do, and the monsters here range from the delicate maggot to the most dangerous monsters in the game. It is a land abundant in water, in caves, and in adventure, and there are many districts along with its towns. For more information on this continent, go to the Argaes page.
Map of Argaes (Click on map to enlarge)
Cities, Towns and Localities of Argaes


Hurnscald, the capital, is a bustling town, full of activity, and is the busiest town in The Mana World. There are many activities in Hurnscald and its Outskirts, including an arena for PvP, namely the Sanguine Vault, although this is currently not available to use. The bar though is still open. The land is rich in natural resources, including Gems, Coal, and Herbs, which are found in the nearby areas. There are two ferries that leave from Hurnscald; one that travels between Tulimshar, Nivalis and Hurnscald, and the other that ferries between Candor and back. You will find this ferry service just to the East of Hurnscald, just outside it's Eastern entry. For more information on Hurnscald, click on the link.

Woodland Mining Camp

The Woodland Mining Camp is found directly North of Hurnscald, lying just past the Outskirts. It holds a special place for many, as it is the place, not only where the miners rest, but also where Monster Oil can be made, and the most powerful melee weapon in game can be manufactured, the Setzer.

Northern Mines

In these Northern Mines, you will find, along with its deadly array of monsters, many valuable resources. Some of these are Topaz, Rubies, Coal, and Iron Ore. The cave system weaves its way underneath the Argaean continent, and even links up with the continent of Tonori, if you are inclined to find the path. But be warned, as the monsters here are not only deadly, but in some small caves, you will find yourself walking into an entrance with over 20 monsters waiting for you, and they won't hesitate to strike you down the second they notice you.


The Woodland area is extensive, and one of the biggest areas on the game. It surrounds Hurnscald, as it includes the Northern, Western and Southern areas past the Hurnscald Outskirts, including the Woodland Hills. There are cave systems here that contain Quests such as the Rossy Caves, and it is a main thoroughfare for many a player as they make their way to the Graveyard, to fight the monsters that arise there. In it you will find many NPCs who will help you with your journey through the game, including purchasing flowers. Directly South of Hurnscald, you will notice a little path leading to the Witches Hut. Here you will be in for one hell of a battle, once you are of a high enough level. You will be well rewarded for your endeavors here, once you are successful, as these monsters drop many decent rewards. although some drop none at all. You will fight the hardest monster in the game here. There is a page you can go to for more information on the Woodland page.

Woodland Hills

The Woodland Hills cover the Northern part of the Woodland, and lead to the Deep Snow Forest of Kaizei continent, if for some reason one wants to walk through it. The area is abundant in Herbs, as well as being a place to harvest Silk Coccoons for making those valuable garments. There is many a relaxing spot to sit down and take in the scenery, as well as meeting with NPCs who can train you in the magical arts for both good and bad.

Woodland Swamp

To the far West of Woodland, is the Woodland Swamp. This land lies between Woodland and Asphodel Moor. It is a lovely land to look at, but there are many Grass Snakes, the hardest default snakes to kill in game. Auldsbel will appreciate it though, as one of his experiments requires 50 of their Tongues, so feel free to assist if you so choose. Just don't sit in Woodland Swamp expecting to relax and have a snooze.

Dimond's Cove

Heading South West from the capital, you will encounter a large building on the bank of one of the rivers in Argaes, and where the band is set up to perform their next gig. Dimond's Cove is a well-built Hotel and Inn with many locals residing in it. It is very near to two bridges that cross to different areas of the land. For more information on what happens here, you can go to the page named Dimond's Cove.

Asphodel Moor

Asphodel Moor holds a small town of folk, including an Inn, and many, many monsters. It is located in the Far South West of Argaes, just before you enter the Graveyard, and is easy to recognise by its well-dressed monsters, including Drunken Skeletons, Tipsy Skeletons, and Drunken Lady Skeletons. The area is lit up by the glowing orbs of the Wisp, the Poltergeist and the Spectres that float around. Head to the Inn and the Hotel, and be refreshed with some yummy...well, some interesting concoctions and menu items.


Not much is needed to be said about the Graveyard. It's a graveyard. You come here when you are dead, or you can come here to die. You can read the memorial stones of those who have gone from hero to legend, while being attacked by many monsters that are difficult to kill. Many players come here to collect resources that can help them with other Quests. It is nothing unusual to have groups fighting the swarms of monsters that roam this area. Rest in peace? Not in this graveyard! There is a page you can look at regarding the Graveyard.


If you made it to the Crypt, you must have been a higher level player, or had high level players support you on your strangely-tasted holiday. It is a place where many a powerful monster arises and exterminates many players all at once. It is located in the SouthWestern corner of the Graveyard, and can only be accessed by heading North West, and then South, right through all the lovely beasts there with their open arms hoping to give you the sweet kiss of their maggot-breath and rotting flesh. Aahh, to be loved! To see more, look at the Crypt page.


Kaizei, the cold continent. Surprisingly it has a lot more life to it than meets the eye. The capital Nivalis is a well-established town, with all the resources available for one to live comfortably. The Kaizei continent has grown, due to the formation of ice since the Great Quake, and in the SouthWest, there is a way now to walk through to the continent of Argaes, though not an easy one.

From the NorthWestern areas of Thermin, to the Deep Snow Fields of the South West, it is snowing for most of the time, whereas you may find respite in places like Nivalis. There is a page for Kaizei for more information.

Map of Kaizei (Click on map to enlarge)
Cities, Towns and Localities of Kaizei


Nivalis is a well developed town for somewhere so icy cold. In fact, the capital Nivalis was barely affected by the Great Quake, and was able to give to supplies to other areas in distress. The surrounding land is rich in gems, such as Diamonds, Pearls, Coal and Sapphires. There is a high concentration of dangerous creatures hiding out in the wild cold lands here, especially in the mountainous regions and the caves, and you will come upon some of these as you first step off that ferry.

The ferry isn't directly in town, but a short walk out, as since the Great Quake, it was realised that one of the saving factors in Nivalis' favor was that the town was build away from the coastline, and avoided many of the battering waves that occurred at that time. To head to Nivalis Centre from the Ferry Dock, travel North, turn West at the cave entrance (don't enter the cave), and follow the wall around in a zigzag fashion until you come to a portal. When you travel through the portal, travel West, or South Westerly, and you will come across the first buildings. Nivalis has its own page.

Snow Field

If you head South of Nivalis, past the Soul Menhir, you will enter the Snow Field. Here you will find some interesting NPCs who will inform you that the area gets busy around certain times of year. The weather is quite peaceful, and there are an abundance of Santa and Rudolph Slimes, working together just like Santa and his Reinboo. The area is also home to the biggest flock of Fluffies in the game, along with the Reinboo and Santaboo that frolic, while eating the White Bell plants. Watch out for the White Slimes though, as they gang up and they move very fast.


Just outside of the Snow field, to the West of Nivalis, you will find a small tribe, who are the Mangarr people. Although there are only a handful of them around to see, this area is looked after by the tribe. If you visit them, they will not be most trusting of you to start with, until you prove yourself as one of them, at least with your bravery and abilities. When you do so, they will share with you a bit of the history of the area and the current situation that Mangarron, as well as the rest of the world, is facing.


Thermin has so little known about it, yet its main dwelling and its people are known throughout The Mana World. Did you know that the Blue Sage's Mansion is in Thermin? The people there are very self-contained, and although they are polite and hospitable, they are a separate society who like to have little interaction with the rest of the world. Understanding their history will help you understand why this is. Thermin is found way way up in the North Western part of Kaizei. It can be difficult to get to, not only to the snapping blizzards, but also due to the presence of Wolvern that are quick to take advantage of any warmth they can sink their teeth into. Also, the caves around here hold many a dangerous slime, and as well as lurking nearby, there are caves with Yetis in them. Sometimes one, and sometimes a whole family of them. Be warned as you travel this land, as it is a long trek through the elements, and many have become snowmen, or food for the Yeti and Wolvern.

Snow Path

The Snow Path leads from the Snow Fields South of Nivalis to the small tribe posting of Mangarr, in the hard-to-define Mangarron area. It is normally relatively safe for a medium level player, although there are Wolvern on it on occasion.

Snow Forest

To the direct West of Nivalis, lies the Snow Forest. It is nearly always snowing here, and the place was named appropriately. Wolvern roam freely and sometimes in packs waiting to ambush some prey, so carry a weapon or some defense at all times here. Roaming through the arid lands of Kaizei, you may come across a Trappers Hut or two that shows that there is actually civilisation in this cold icy wilderness. Be aware that just like humans, Yeti also enjoy the warmth of a fire, so be cautious travelling here, as you never know when one is likely to come knocking firstly on your door, and then on your head!

Deep Snow Forest

Travelling even further West than the Snow Forest, you will find a way through to the Deep Snow Forest. The snow falls lighter here than in the Snow Forest, and the monsters that make up the area seem to be a blend of the Squirrels of Argaes, and those of the Kaizei continent. Wolverns work as packs here for the most part too. In the SouthWest corner, you will find the pathway to the Northern parts of the Argaes continent.

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