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This page lists only the SHOP NPC's (they require only money to get an item). Crafting NPCs (who transform items for money) are not listed here.




(near bakery)

WhiteCake, ChocolateCake, OrangeCake, AppleCake, CherryCake.


(Central Tulimshar Marketplace)

SlingShot, SlingBullet, CottonShirt, CottonShorts, WhiteCottonBoots, DesertShirt, SilkRobe, DesertHat.



WhiteCake, ChocolateCake, OrangeCake, AppleCake, Cake, CherryCake, OrangeCupcake, Milk, XmasCake.


(Inn) Beer, Cake, CherryCake


CactusDrink, CactusPotion, Knife, SharpKnife, Dagger, SerfHat, CottonShirt, LeatherShirt, CottonShorts, LeatherShield, CottonHeadband, CottonBoots.

Tulimshar Outskirts


near mine

MinersHat, MinerGloves, ShortBow, Arrow, LeatherShield.





Arrow (2 GP), Iron Arrow (4 GP),Bow (1,000 GP), Short Bow (3,000 GP)



Beer (175 GP), Cake (30 GP), Steak (275 GP)

General Store (Hurnscald)

General Store

Cotton Shirt (300 GP), Cotton Shorts (1,000 GP), Boots (8,000 GP), Serf Hat (500 GP), Cotton Headband (3,000 GP), Cotton Gloves (2,000 GP).

Potion Shop

Potion bookshelf near Wyara

Cactus Drink (50 GP), Cactus Potion (75 GP), Iron Potion (500 GP), Concentration Potion (500 GP), Slow Poison Potion (500 GP).

Bartender (Sanguine Vault)

Beer (175 GP), Iron Potion (500 GP), Concentration Potion (500GP), Small Mana Elixir (2,400 GP), Bottle of Water (200 GP), Milk (300 GP).


Roasted Maggot (110 GP), Pickled Beets (5,000 GP), Chicken Leg (250 GP), Steak (275 GP), Beer (180 GP).

Hurnscald Outskirts


Woodland Hills

Red Rose (80 GP), Pink Rose (80 GP), Yellow Rose (80 GP), White Rose (80 GP), Orange Rose (80 GP), Dark Red Rose (80 GP), Red Tulip (80 GP), Pink Tulip (80 GP), Yellow Tulip (80 GP), White Tulip (80 GP), Orange Tulip (80 GP).

Exotic Trader

Woodlands, West of Hurnscald.

Toy Sabre (10,000,000 GP), Cap (20,000,000 GP), High Priest Crown (30,000,000 GP), Monster Skull Helmet (30,000,000 GP).

Oscar's Fruit Store

Woodlands, West of Hurnscald.

Green Apple (20 GP), Red Apple (25 GP), Orange (40 GP).



1st Floor

Beer (175 GP), IronPotion (500 GP), ConcentrationPotion (500 GP).

Blacksmith (Dimond)

2nd Floor

ForestBow (20,000 GP), IronArrow (4 GP), LeatherShield (2000 GP).

General Store (Dimond's Cove)

2nd Floor

Cotton Shorts (1,000 GP), Cotton Skirt (1,000 GP), Fancy Hat (1,600 GP), Cotton Boots (2,000 GP), Silk Headband (5,000 GP), Boots (8,000 GP)


1st Floor

Cherry Cake (100 GP), Roasted Maggot (110 GP), Orange Cupcake (90 GP), Chicken Leg (250 GP), Steak (275 GP).

Reid's Inn

Chef (Reid's Inn)

1st Floor.

Zombie Nachos (110 GP), Lady Fingers (70 GP), Slime Jell-Ahh (80 GP), Snapple (110 GP)


1st Floor.

Beetle Juice (80 GP), Gut Buster Ale (100 GP), Blood Wine (150 GP)


2nd Floor.

Cactus Drink (50 GP), Cactus Potion (70 GP), Bug Leg (100 GP), Small Mushroom (125 GP), Iron Potion (500 GP), Concentration Potion (500 GP), Hard Spike (40 GP), Dark Crystal (1,000 GP), Root (500 GP), Wisp Powder (700 GP), Spectre Powder (700 GP), Poltergeist Powder (700 GP) .


1st Floor.

Bone Arrows (50 GP), Shock Sweet (1,000 GP).





Iron Arrow (4 GP), Dagger (1,000 GP), Leather Shield (2,000 GP), Short Bow (8,000 GP)


Potion shop

Cactus Drink (50 GP), Cactus Potion (70 GP), Iron Potion (500 GP), Concentration Potion (500 GP)

Mangarrs Village


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