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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing on the Legacy/Evolved server. If you are looking for information for the non-legacy game, go here... The Mana World rEvolt.
Warning: The information provided may be different to the normal server.
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Info: All of these infos are taken from here.

  • ID: Item id.
  • AegisName: Server name to reference the item in scripts and lookups, should use no spaces.
  • Name: Name in english for displaying as output for @ and script commands.
Type Description
0 Healing Item
2 Usable item
3 Generic item
4 Weapon
5 Armor/Garment/Boots/Headgear
6 Card
7 Pet egg
8 Pet equipment
10 Ammo (Arrows/Bullets/etc…)
11 Usable with delayed consumption (item is lost from inventory after selecting a target, for use with skills and pet lures).
18 Another delayed consume that requires user confirmation before using item.
  • Buy: Default buying price. When not specified, becomes double the sell price.
  • Sell: Default selling price. When not specified, becomes half the buy price.
  • Weight: Item's weight. Each 10 is 1 weight.
  • ATK: Weapon's attack.
  • DEF: Armor's defense.
  • Range: Weapon's attack range.
  • Slots: Amount of slots the item possesses.
  • Job: Equippable jobs. Uses the following bitmask table:
Job Name Number Job Name Number
(S.) Novice (2^00): 0x00000001 Swordman (2^01): 0x00000002
Mage (2^02): 0x00000004 Archer (2^03): 0x00000008
Acolyte (2^04): 0x00000010 Marchant (2^05): 0x00000020
Thief (2^06): 0x00000040 Knight (2^07): 0x00000080
Priest (2^08): 0x00000100 Wizard (2^09): 0x00000200
Blacksmith (2^10): 0x00000400 Hunter (2^11): 0x00000800
Assassin (2^12): 0x00001000 Unused (2^13): 0x00002000
Crusader (2^14): 0x00004000 Monk (2^15): 0x00008000
Sage (2^16): 0x00010000 Rogue (2^17): 0x00020000
Alchemist (2^18): 0x00040000 Bard/Dancer (2^19): 0x00080000
Unused (2^20): 0x00100000 Taekwon (2^21): 0x00200000
StarGladi (2^22): 0x00400000 Soul Linker (2^23): 0x00800000
Gunslinger (2^24): 0x01000000 Ninja (2^25): 0x02000000
  • Upper: Equippable upper-types. Uses the following bitmasks:

1: Normal jobs / 2: Upper jobs / 4: Baby jobs

  • Gender: Gender restriction. 0 is female, 1 is male, 2 for both.
  • Loc: Equipment's placement. Values are:
Equipment Location
Upper Headgear 2^8 256
Middle Headgear 2^9 512
Lower Headgear 2^0 001
Armor 2^4 016
Weapon 2^1 002
Shield 2^5 032
Garment 2^2 004
Footgear 2^6 064
Accessory 1 2^3 008
Accessory 2 2^7 128
  • wLV: Weapon level.
  • eLV: Base level required to be able to equip.
  • Refineable: 1 if the item can be refined, 0 otherwise.
  • View: For normal items, defines a replacement view-sprite for the item.

(eg: Making apples look like apple juice.) (The special case are weapons and ammo where this value indicates the weapon-class of the item.)

  • For weapons, the types are:
Number Type Number Type
0 Bare fist 1 Daggers
2 One-handed swords 3 Two-handed swords
4 One-handed spears 5 Two-handed spears
6 One-handed axes 7 Two-handed axes
8 Maces 9 Unused
10 Staves 11 Bows
12 Knuckles 13 Musical Instruments
14 Whips 15 Books
16 Katars 17 Revolvers
18 Rifles 19 Gatling guns
20 Shotguns 21 Grenade launchers
22 Fuuma Shurikens

For ammo, the types are:

Number Type Number Type
1 Arrows 2 Throwable daggers
3 Bullets 4 Shells
5 Grenades 6 Shuriken
7 Kunai
  • Script: Script to execute when the item is used/equipped.
  • OnEquip_Script: Script to execute when the item is equipped. Warning, not all item bonuses will work here as expected!
  • OnUnequip_Script: Script to execute when the item is unequipped. Warning, not all item bonuses will work here as expected!