This file describes the skills recognized by the eAthena client.


Skill DBs are in XML format.


This is the root element of the file.


An individual skill definition. skills have ids, namess, and fixed values. The id corresponds to the skill ID on the server. The name is the name to give the skill in the GUI. The optional fixed value says if the skill is fixed (not changeable through the GUI) or not. A value of 0 (the default) means it can be changed through the GUI and a value of 1 means it can't.


    <skill id="1" name="Basic"/>
    <skill id="340" name="Magic" fixed="1"/>

Content XML files


effects.xml | emotes.xml | hair.xml | items.xml | monsters.xml | maps.xml | npcs.xml | runes.xml | skills.xml | status-effects.xml


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