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You can always find the latest and most up to date information on Gitlab Milestones.

As the gitlab milestones gets automatically updated as tasks are complete, they are often more up-to-date than this file.

This is currently the ToDo list for The Mana World following the TMW-Evol fusion. The release (progress seen on milestones) should result in the Alpha release from TMW: rEvolt.

ToDo list


 * (✔) Add missing block pillars around city houses.
 * (✘) Complete the Agora and add more tile variation on the ground of Artis (Map).
 * (✘) Warehouse second level.
 * (✘) Fix Artis indoor's map names.
 * (✘) Add particle effects for pillar's signes on Artis.


 * (✔) Add library poems as items.
 * (✔) Robin librairian sprite.
 * (✔) Christopher librairian sprite.
 * (✔) Leonard librairian sprite.
 * (✔) Schemag item.
 * (✔) Mona sprite.
 * (✔) Hairstyle position fixes.
 * (✔) Add missing block pillars on artis-pillar_x2.
 * (✔) Oscar NPC.
 * (✘) Fishing animation, fishing rod put on a pedestale that move some seconds before to catch a fish.
 * (✘) [logo]
 * (✘) Add Ilmari Betsu as the library receptionist.
 * (✘) Package item icon.


 * (✔) Put most of the poems, novels, didactel inside book items.
 * (✔) Pillar's sign highlights.
 * (✘) Fishing animation, fishing rod put on a pedestale that move some seconds before to catch a fish.
 * (✘) Update the Atlas list.
 * (✘) Add particle effects for digging locations.


 * (✔) Use delayed healing instead of static healing in potion and most usable items.
 * (✔) Change the effect of the elixir to a 100% hp/sp recovery.
 * (✔) Reduce delay between the use of multiple consumable items.
 * (✔) Remove translation from books in the library.
 * (✔) Add different store for different kind of dye in calypsan's shop place.
 * (✔) Using Vitality inside the rand formula for itemheal.
 * (✔) Add Party NPC in the town hall.
 * (✔) Add Guild NPC in the town hall.
 * (✔) Put most of the poems, novels, didactel inside book items.
 * (✔) Add scripts on block pillars that says who own the house or what this is house is for.
 * (✔) Increase the number of fishing spots.
 * (✔) Rewrite Xilaxa's walk path with graph walk path.
 * (✔) Add bleacher NPC that bleach/discolor dyed items.
 * (✔) Enable free savepoints on every house where no NPC is near.
 * (✔) Mona the woman in the rich hill.
 * (✘) Mona's dad quests information over the manhole next to the house.
 * (✘) Fishing animation, fishing rod put on a pedestale that move some seconds before to catch a fish.
 * (✘) Better explanation of how pets work in Salem and in the library (Script).
 * (✘) Distribute poems/novels throughout Artis.
 * (✘) Walking/Swimming NPC support for fishing spots.
 * (✘) Add missing walking NPCs:
 * (✘) Add missing La Johanne NPCs:
   * Arpan, INN
   * Billy Bons, INN
   * Darlin, Dock
   * Silvio, INN
   * Lean, Dock
   * Max, INN
   * Sapartan, INN
   * Tibbo, ??
   * Gulukan, ??
   * Q'Muller, Dock
   * Astapolos, Dock
   * Jalad, ??
   * Tarlan, Market Area
   * Ale, INN
   * Couwan, ??
 * (✘) Robin the librarian.
 * (✘) Leonard the librarian.
 * (✘) Christopher the librarian.
 * (✘) Introduce mount dialogue on Taree.
 * (✘) Add more tree leaf animation.
 * (✔) Add MananaTree mob in Artis.
 * (✔) Create a legiontalk function based on the villagertalk that introduce some gamestory element.
 * (✘) Introduce Alex Grothendieck as the ex-member of the Legion and the now-chief of the Brotherhood movement.
 * (✘) Add in Chef Gado the list of mobs that correspond to the drops that he asks to search.
 * (✘) Prevent the cookie to be used too long, and too many time.
 * (✘) Add Legion training room that spawn X waves of Dummy mobs.
 * (✘) Add Legion fighting room that create a survival PvE game mode against the Legion.
 * (✘) Improve the fighting room with instance support.
 * (✘) Add legion basic PvP support.
 * (✘) Add Wedding NPC in the town hall.
 * (✘) Add Ilmari Betsu as the library receptionist.
 * (✘) Implement new CookieMaster.
 * (✘) Reduce delay for monster respawn in the introduction island.
 * (✘) Salem gives pet's instruction book.
 * (✘) Add a generic special function for door warps in Artis that will block mounts and barrels to enter in houses.
 * (✘) Add book collector quests with the possibility to add a book in the library to complete the collection or to keep it for self.
 * (✘) Limit to only one the number of fishing action per player.


 * (✘) Set some guidelines for insult, trashtalk, etc... in NPC dialogue that somehow equal the European PEGI-12 classification.


 * (✘) Music theme for the legion.
 * (✘) Music theme for a "battle" background.