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The list below shows the active developers who are working on TMW's content or server.

Username(s) Name tmwAthena roles tmw-manaserv roles Other roles Location
4144 - Client development, programming - - -
Cassy - Pixel Arts, Scripting, Mapping - - Germany
o11c Ben Longbons tmwA Server programming, Scripting -
Source Lead
Western USA
Wushin - tmwA Server programming, Pixel Arts, Mapping, Scripting -
Content Lead
Midwest US
Yubaba (Chicka-Maria) - Mapping, Soundscape design, SFX -
Sound Lead

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Recent projects

Most of TMW's development is shown on Trello, an organisation platform with a very clearly arranged interface that makes it comfortable to work with. TMW has an own group on Trello which includes so called "Boards". In those boards you can find several "Cards" - each card stands for a bigger or smaller project, like for example a card for a new big quest in the Content Development Board or a card for just a small icon of a new monster drop. You can click at a card to see the progress of it. At the right side of a each board you can see the most recent changes and therefore the things being recently worked on.

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