Event:Christmas 2006

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Christmas 2006
Start date December 2006
End date January 2007
Reoccuring No

During Christmas 2006, a total of 20 Santa helpers were scattered over the world. Player would have to select one, and they would give player a gift based if they were nice or naughty.

There was ~10% chances of the player being considered naughty.

Naughty Punishments

  • Helper would take 500~1500 Gp from you for his present budget
  • You would get a spanking (and die) to learn to be nice to people
  • You would get status and skill points reset
  • You would be warped randomly on the map
  • Your sex would be swapped
  • All monsters on the map would die
  • He would make a global broadcast saying you are not in the holiday mood.

Nice Gifts

Player could only get one reward on this event.

(They could also prevent getting the naughty punishment by logging out as soon as the naughty was announced)