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Gispaa is a mining city under a volcanic mountain southeast of the Tulimshar. The town is an open pit mine dug and shaped over over 100s of years. The miners constantly worked over the centuries making Gispaa ever deeper, until they hit water. The mining continues to extend the deep labyrinth under Gispaa of volcanic tunnels lined crystals. Volcanic activities have increased since The Great Quake as the Manabeast, Er'Ata, attempts to break free from its prison that cause the rocks around it to melt to magma. Directly above the crystal, in the center of the region, lies the huge volcano Mons Prometheus.


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The area is dominated by black igneous rocks in bizarre shapes. The constant volcanic eruptions cause a dense cloud of smoke and ashes over the region keeping it in eternal twilight. The main source of light are the lakes and rivers of lava that flow through the landscape constantly changing its appearance. There is little sign of vegetation anywhere. Below ground an endless maze of tunnels stretch into the infinite darkness.


Numerous species have thrived in these harsh conditions. Lava slimes populate the area. Mana Bugs that feed on slimes. A high resistance against heat is necessary to survive in this region. Thus most creatures native to this area are almost invulnerable to fire magic and other heat-based damage. Some are born of it, such as the fire elementals.

Population and Culture

The inhabitants of Gispaa are the Fire people of the Ifrit race. They developed a sense for places in the mountains with a higher geological stability than others that are rarely swept by lava streams or destroyed by earthquakes. This allows them to find places in which permanent mines can be build. The Ifrit are masters of transmutation. They use transmutation to adapt their mines to the constantly changing landscape. Using Rockshaping some mines have been around for decades. The Ifrit can sense when a village will soon become the victim of the volcanic activity. The city's Rockshaping Guild comes out to stablize the region, although there have been instances of collapse during these events. Their buildings are made of rocks shaped together by transmutation magic. Their main food source are the animals inhabiting the area. The Ifrit cuisine is usually not liked a lot by outsiders because the Ifrit prefer their meat "black from the outside, red from the inside" made by dipping the meat into a lava lake with long tongs. Their main export goods are crystals that store a lot of mana energy and are mined from solidified lava and metal goods that are forged in the heat of the volcanos..


The larger houses belong to noble families who take the poor in and enslave them. They are ruled by the noble houses and sometimes wars break out between houses the winner takes the spoils and the loosers are sacraficed or enslaved.The middle class works alongside the nobles slaves to pay their taxes to the ruling thirteen(wealthiest) families and avoid poverty to the best of their ability. All ifrit are born with the rockshaping talent some get better with schooling from the teachers at the school, some mostly the middle class are only taught so much. The wealthy houses buy the most talented wizards from the middle class so keeping them middle class and increasing the ever more powerful mage consortium in their families. More tunnels means more wealth and every once in a while a ruling family gets lax and a middle class family with their own mages steps in and destroys any mention of their name. The backstabbing and intrigue keeps the middle class going however because a ruling house needs allies and the alliances can be bought