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Everything in boxes is what you add in your monster page, everything else, including the headers in this Help page, is comments to describe what to do, how and why.

Top Templates

At the very top of the page always add these templates:

{{Status green}}

"{{Template:Metakey}}{{Template:Metadesc}}{{I18n}}" stand in one line because otherwise it will add paragraphs between them, making the templates look weird.

Monster Template

A monster page will use a template that includes detail of a monster.


|Name             = Monster_name
|Image            = [[Image:Image.png]]
|Behavior         = Aggressive
|Mutations        = May mutate x attributes up to n%.
|Level            = mob_level
|HP               = #
|EXP              = #
|Job EXP          = #
|ID               = #
|Strength         = #
|Agility          = #
|Vitality         = #
|Intelligence     = #
|Dexterity        = #
|Luck             = #
|Attack           = #-#
|Range            = #



== Info ==
Put here some general information about the monster.


This topic lists quests that you'll need the monster's drops. Example:

The drops of a '''Human''' are needed in the following quests:

* [[Voltain's Dark Minds]]

See Also

"See Also" lists links to wiki pages related to the monster page, which weren't liked to in the "Quest" headline yet (so not listing a Quest twice). In all cases this is the Monster Reference:

* [[Monster Reference]]

Remember to add to add the page into the category.

Complete example

You can copy & paste the code below but remember to replace the information correctly.

We use the Bat as example here:


|Name             = [[Bat]]
|Image            = [[Image:Bat.png]]
|Behavior         = 
|Mutations        = May mutate 2 attributes up to 40%.
|Level            = 20
|HP               = 150
|EXP              = 22
|Job EXP          = 3
|Monster Points   = 2
|ID               = 1017
|Strength         = 1
|Agility          = 1
|Vitality         = 1
|Intelligence     = 0
|Dexterity        = 20
|Luck             = 25
|Attack           = 5-25
|Range            = 1
|Speed            = 800
|Delay            = 1872
|Physical Defense = 0
|Magical Defense  = 5

'''Bats''' can be found in caves all around Woodland. Large amounts of them can be found in the [[Moggun Cave]], [[Bandit Cave]] and the [[Terranite Cave]], but their most famous location is [[Arkim]]'s Cave, where players use to hunt them to collect the Bat Wings they drop for the [[Daily Quests|Daily Quest]] [[Arkim's Bat Wings]]. There are also many '''Bats''' in the Nivalis Ice Cave. Besides the Bat Wings, also Maggot Slime and Bug Legs are popular drops, since they can be used for several [[Quests]] and for [[magic]]. Daggers can be sold for 500 GP at any [[NPC]] [[Shop NPCs|Shop]].


Especially beginners should hunt Bats in Arkim's Cave and do his Daily Quest to get both experience points and money. This is one of the best and easiest ways to get GP.

The drops of a '''Bat''' are needed in the following quests:
* [[Rauk The Alchemist]]
* [[Well Quest]]
* [[Voltain's Dark Minds]]
* [[Tulimshar Quests]]
* [[Baktar's Tulimshar Items]]
* [[Anwar's field]]
* [[Cat Ears Quest]]
* [[Helping With Experiments]]
* [[Demon Mask]]
* [[Rossy Quest]]
* [[Arkim's Bat Wings]]
* [[Quest Of Snowman]]


* [[Bat Wing]] (30%)
* [[Bat Teeth]] (20%)
* [[Maggot Slime]] (8%)
* [[Bug Leg]] (4%)
* [[Cactus Drink]] (1.5%)
* [[Roasted Maggot]] (1.5%)
* [[Dagger]] (0.7%)
* [[Sharp Knife]] (0.01%)

==See Also==

[[Monster Reference]]