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This article is currently only a proposal

The features or design guidelines described in this article are only a proposal made by one or some persons. It has not been evaluated or accepted by the core development team yet. Feel free to add your personal opinion about them or make counter proposals.

This article is currently under construction.

This article is to bring a little bit more order into the wiki.

The purpose of the wiki

The wiki is meant to publish:

  • Ideas about various aspects of the game
  • Design documents and roadmaps
  • Design guidelines
  • References for current and potential developers
  • Help documents for players

Commenting articles

  • Discussion pages are meant for discussing articles.
    • Putting comments into pages led players and new developers to believe certain "comments" were true even when a page was marked under construction.

Creating Editing Articles

  • Check Discussion
  • Make sure you're not duplicating a obscure page
  • Does it need a page or could it be a sub-topic on an existing page?
  • Please use forum post instead with a poll option to get a social barometer of your work.
  • Encourage others to give input and feedback
  • If the article is not currently under construction be sure to set it to such before starting work. Even if you are creating it under your namespace.
  • If the page is not new, blank, minimal populated, please create the page under your namespace User:<YourUserName>/<NewPage> for example: User:Cassy has done a great job.

Internal links

Internal links are important for the easy navigation of the wiki. Whenever you reference another article you should link to it.

When you create an article that is a counter proposal to another article, you should create a link to the article you are opposing and also put a link on the linked article back to your article at an appropriate place.

When you create a proposal that is based on another proposal (like an article about a race that fits into the backstory) you should also link back to the article you are based on and also create a link in the base article itself.

Also feel free to create links to articles, that do not exist yet, but should exist in your opinion, to encourage someone to create them.

Using status templates

Status templates show how serious the article is treated by the development team. Every article should start with one of the following templates:


The {{Status_red}} indicates that the contents of the article are a proposal made by someone and that the development hasn't discussed about using the proposal yet.

It should be added to every new article you write. The only cases in which you may start an article with another template are:

  • You document something that is a consensus in the whole development time for a long time.
  • You document something that has already been implemented without writing a wiki article about it.

The article is referenced in Category:Proposal, Category:Unevaluated Proposals.


The {{Status_yellow}} indicates that the developer that is in charge of the mentioned aspect of the game as decided that the proposal mentioned will be done in the game as described. The template should only be placed by the developer in charge or after getting his/her permission to place it in the article. The article is referenced in Category:Proposal, Category:Evaluated Proposals, Category:Compatible Proposals, Category:Accepted Proposals.


The {{Status_green}} indicates that the aspects mentioned in the article are already in the game. Articles that explain how different aspects of the game work, style guidelines (when they are ratified) or tutorials fall into this category, too. The article is referenced in Category:Reference.


The {{Status_outdated}} article indicates that the article is either a status green article that is no longer correct or a status red or yellow article that has been rendered depreciated by a contradicting developers decision. The article is referenced in Category:Outdated.

Status Under Construction

50px-Template-info.png Template documentation:

This is to be used for Labelling and categorizing under construction documentation. It will show the following banner:

This article is currently under construction.


This article is currently under construction.
Your message


Copy the following code into your page. By adding "|your text goes here" behind "{{Status Under Construction}}" you can write a message giving more details about why you marked a page as under construction. This is optional.

{{Status Under Construction}}


{{Status Under Construction|Your message}}

The pages where this template is used will be categorized in the "Under Construction" category

Categorize Articles

Improving Wiki

Making templates

  • Verify some one didn't already do the job : Special:Allpages choose Template Namespace or [1]
  • Document your templates so the may be used easily by other users


Categories are intended to retrieve information easier; almost every page, template and even category should be categorized. Choosing the names as generic as possible is not easy.

  • Document the categories
  • List Categories here: Special:AllPages choose Category Namespace or : [2]


A proposed addition to this page is being developed in User:Octalot/Wiki_Guidelines_ReEditing Every X_Guidelines page should have links to all pending proposals to change X_Guidelines (already mentioned here in "Internal links"). Would it be worth putting a standard template at the top of the page for links to all pending proposals?. --Octalot 19:18, 25 October 2008 (CEST)

As Nobody opposes to these guidelines I suggest that they are approved. They can also be updated when needed. ( see discussion) --Nard 18:26, 2 September 2012 (CEST)