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Quest Overview
Starting Location 068-2, Noble District Tulimshar
Level 45+ required
Prerequisites Lora Tay The Legendary Seamstress, Agostine The Tailor, Bandit Quest
Redoable No, only once

What To Do:

  1. Talk to Hetchel and wipe her tears with a red Cotton Cloth, which you must have in your inventory. You will need to make this beforehand.
  2. Select Red Cotton Cloth from the options
  3. Discuss with her about her future plans. Be consoling and caring. She will discuss getting plans with you from Lora Tay, but then mentions that this won't work.
  4. Talk to Crastur the Ugly (Behind the Bandit Lord Hideout)
  5. Go to the last level of Pirate caves in Tonori and loot their treasure chest
  6. Return to Crastur with the Bandana you get from the treasure chest (the bandana is yours to keep)
  7. Crastur gives player plans to give to Hetchel
  8. Hetchel has a prototype made and is willing to trade it for materials
  9. Gather 154 Silk Cocoons, 14 Cotton Cloths, 2 Silk Headbands
  10. Return to Hetchel with the items


  1. Silk Pants
  2. 45,000 XP
  3. 10,000 JOB
  4. 8,000 ­~ 20,000 GP

Silk Sheets

  1. Hetchel makes Legacy Silk Sheets for 500 GP & 25 Silk Cocoons