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An user casting the #abizit spell.


Magic in The Mana World is made up of 6 Magic skills and one focusing skill:


To cast a spell, a player must type in the "incantation" of the spell, which will always start with an # followed by the incantation.

Example: #abizit

Guida Introduttiva

In order to begin using magic, a player must complete a small serie of quests:

  • First, a player must touch the Mana Seed. To find the Mana Seed, head west on the stone path from Hurnscald. At the first fork (at a farm with many trees), go north. Continue north until the path forks again. Take the west fork and follow the path to a set of caves, one higher and one lower. Enter the higher cave, and continue through until it exits. Continue east along the stones and into a second cave. The Mana Seed will be in the northeast corner.
  • After touching the Mana Seed, a player must talk to either Auldsbel, Rauk or Wyara. Wyara is the obvious choice as she requires the least amount of materials. Speak to the NPC about Mana Potion via the "What do you know about..." inquiry.
  • Collect the necessary materials for the Mana Potion. Wyara requires 40 Mauve Herbs and 1 Bottle of Water. The Bottle of Water can be purchased from the General Store (Hurnscald), which is the L-shaped building southeast of Wyara's building.
  • Go back to the Mana Seed, use the Mana Potion and touch it again. Congratulations! You may now begin learning magic!

L'acquisizione e la Formazione Magia Incantesimi

Since your characters don't start with the ability to control magic, they must learn magic from NPCs. Magic trainers can both give you spells, and level you up in whatever schools of magic they can train in. There are currently 8 NPC magic trainers. When you visit a magical NPC, you can ask about other magical NPCs, via the "What do you know about..." inquiry. Some magic trainers are easy to find, while others require searching through more obscure parts of the TMW world.

Puntando in Alto

Leveling up requires that you gain experience in magic by practicing spells. Casting the same spell consecutively will result in no additional experience after the first cast. Also, spells that consume items give more magic experience. Once you have gained enough experience in a particular type of magic, you can go to a trainer in that kind of magic, talk to them, and they can advance you, as long as they are an advanced enough trainer for the level of magic you are advancing to.

Use #abizit to check the magic experience you have.To reach the next level, you need 100%:

  • "You feel completely overwhelmed by your magic." less than 10%
  • "You feel quite overwhelmed by your magic, but are beginning to see patterns." 10%-20%
  • "You feel that you have only the bare minimum of control over your magic." 20%-30%
  • "Trying to control your magic is still rather troublesome." 30%-40%
  • "You feel you still have a few difficulties in controlling your magic." 40%-50%
  • "You feel somewhat in control of your magic." 50%-60%
  • "You feel mostly in control of your magic." 60%-70%
  • "You feel quite in control of your magic." 70%-80%
  • "You feel that you have very good control of your magic." 80%-90%
  • "You feel in almost perfect control of your magic." 90%-100%
  • "You feel in perfect control of your magic, [and seem on the verge of something more... perhaps you should see the Mana Seed to ask for more magic?]" 100%-200%
  • "You have perfect control of what you understand now, but there is now a distinct sensation of something more, something indescribable. If only the Mana Seed would give more magic to you..." 200%-450%
  • "Magic flows naturally from you, readily and with ease. Your understanding of what you can currently control at present is flawless, far beyond your requirements to cast magic at this level. [Surely the Mana Seed will more than readily offer more magic for such a proficient user.]" 450% and over

Minimum experience for each level*:

  • 1 - n/a
  • 2 - 100
  • 3 - 1200
  • 4 - 8000
  • 5 - 40000

*Add up to 1/3% due to built-in inaccuracy of #abizit

IMPORTANT NOTE: Level is currently capped at 2, although you will still receive experience.


Once you learn spells, you cast them by entering them in to the Player chat tab, placing a hash sign (#) in front of the name of the spell, followed by the spell's parameters, separated by spaces. If a parameter to a spell needs to contain spaces, use double-quotes (") to enclose it.

Certain spells require items, which may or may not be consumed in the process. In addition, different spells are of different levels. For whatever level a spell is, your magic skill level must be equal to or greater than it, in both the spell's school of magic and in general magic, if you want to cast it. For example, to cast a level 2 nature spell, you must be level 2 in both Nature Magic and General Magic.

Finally, in order to be able to cast a spell you need your magic to be enabled (your M.Attack value > 0). This is explained in the next section.

Note that spells do not indicate most ways they can fail in. If you do not have the necessary items for spells requiring ingredients, the spell will silently fail. Similarly, if for example you are casting a healing spell and are too far from the player to be able to heal them, you will see no effect or error message.

Status Magia

The main status parameter that increases your magical abilities is Intelligence. Although intelligence is not absolutely necessary to advance in magic, it determines the effectiveness and strength of your spell. Intelligence is used to compute 2 of your stats: Magic Attack (M.Attack) and Magic Defense (M.Defense). M.Attack governs the power of your spells. M.Defense determines how well you will be able to withstand magical attacks on you. M. Defense is used only in PvP at the moment as monsters have no magic attack. Mana or Magic Points (MP) or Spell Points (SP) is the amount of magical energy available to devote to casting spells. Mana also increases with Magic Attack It recharges over time; its rate increases with intelligence. In TMW, your ability to use MP requires a non-zero M.Attack value. If your M.Attack value is zero, you may notice that your MP bar is grey (disabled) (pic example goes here). If this happens, it is because your M.Attack value is being penalized by negative status effects or worn equipment.


  • Intelligence:
    • Magic Attack: Each intelligence point adds +1 or +2*(int/5) if int is a multiple of 5
    • Magic Defense: Each intelligence point adds +1
    • Mana (MP, SP): Increases Mana and Mana recovering rate
    • Has influence on your abilities in potion making.
  • Level: Level adds +1 to your magic attack, starting at level 14
  • Magic Attack: govern the power of the spells: this means it influences the amount of damage or heal, the range of the spell AND the number of shots when applicable ( war magic) or number of creatures summoned (Astral Magic), or number of items you get with transmutation.
  • Magic Experience: (general, given by #abizit)): Improves spells efficiency in some way (needs to be more accurate). Low experience can make some spells fail.
  • Astral Soul Focussing Skill: Boosts all your magical abilities. It is a must to be a mage
  • Equipment: Equipment can penalize or improve your magical abilities; Look under the Equipment header for more information.
  • important note: Married players have an increased spell power when casting Life or Nature spells on their partner. The power bonus is a bit more important if both wear their wedding rings.

See also the Stats page.


All along the game, several NPCs will help you to progress in your magical practice. They will teach you special spells, sometimes simply by talking with you, but also maybe by asking you some help for some projects. Don't be disapointed if some of them refuses to speak to you in your first encounter with them : it will just mean that you still need to practice and progress in your magical skills.

Among those, some are school teachers. they will give you the required skills to be able to cast higher level spells :


(See also Item Reference)

Articoli Penalizzare

In TMW, almost all things worn will penalize your M.Attack value, with the exception of weapons, which have no effect on your magical stats. Magic penalties are especially big from metal armor. The following list includes things that penalize your M.Attack value:

  • All Gloves, except Silk Gloves
  • All Boots, except Cotton Boots
  • All shirts and Chest Armor, except the Silk Robe and Sorcerer Robe
  • All Shields, except the Scarab Armlet
  • All Helmets, many Hats
  • All Pants

The worst penalties come with gloves, shields and chest armors such as Warlord Plate.

Articoli Elementi

Some clothes will not penalize your M.Attack, or gives a bonus to M.Attack. The table below tries to give a comprehensive list of them. Order tries to reflect game availability. Highlighted items are the most widely used ones.

The following list shows the most important items you would need to become a good wizard.
Magic Attack items (defense bonus)
0 Silk Gloves(+1), Serf Hat(+2), Graduation Cap(+2), Fancy hat(+5), Cotton Headband(+2), Silk Robe(+5), Bandana(+3), Bunch Of Parsley(+1, deaf), Guy Fawkes Mask(+3), Jester Mask(+3), Witch Hat,(+3), Goblin Mask(+3), Opera Mask(+3), Mush Hat(+10), Shroom Hat(+13), Eggshell Hat(+12,agil.-1), Face Mask(+10) Goggles(+2), Leather Goggles(+3), Mouboo Head(+1), Moubootaur Head(+1), Cap(+5), Eyepatch(+3).
+1 Cotton Boots(+1), Pinkie Hat(+1), Cat Ears(+1, agil.+3), Noh-Mask(+3), Bunny Ears(+10).
+2 Bowler Hat(+10), Bowler Hat (brown)(+10), Top Hat(+10), Funky Hat(+13), Christmas Elf Hat(+13), Antler Hat(+4), Santa Beard Hat(+5).
+3 Fine Dress (+8), Valentine Dress(+6).
+4 Christmas Tree Hat(+2), Rabbit Ears(+5).
+5 Circlet(+4), Demon Mask(+3), Four-Leaf Clover(0, luck +1), Wooden Staff, Elf Nightcap(+3), Skull Mask(+2), Heart Glasses(+8), Wizard Hat(+5, int.+3), Grimoire(0, +30 SP). Towel(0), Scarab Armlet(0), Developer's Cap(+5), GM Cap(+5).
+6 Sun Glasses(+2).
+10 Monster Skull Helmet(+7, M.def.+20).
+20 High Priest Crown(+4, +20SP), Sorcerer Robe(+5, agil+1).
+60 Lazurite Robe(+7, Move Speed -15%, VIT Defense -40%, M. Defense +60, Requires Level≥90, Intelligence≥70 & Vitality≥40).

Additionally: The Rock Knife (110 attack, +3 Vitality), theHeart of Isis Charm (MaxHP +15%, HP Recovery Rate +65%, Requires Level 85) may be VERY helpful. The Terranite armor is also a good compromise under special circumstances (Candor for example).

Lista Incantesimi

See Spells.

Magia Missioni

Magic quest is well designed, and you can accomplish all steps with little help if you carefully speak to NPC's and write some notes. However, if you are stuck, and can get no help from other players use the spoilers in Magic Quests pages.