Item Reference/Dyes

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Rarity is determined as follows:

  • Buyable (Can be bought through a NPC)
  • Craftable (Can be made through a NPC)
  • Dyeable
  • Frequently Dropped (>1%)
  • Rarely dropped (≤1%)
  • No longer obtainable (Stuff which was once dropped by monsters or could be obtained through a temporary event quest)
  • Quest (Item can be gained through a permanent quest reward)

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The items here are for the new, up-and-coming, merged server, and not for The Mana World Legacy. If you are looking for the items for the Legacy game, then click the link, and go to the bottom right corner, and select the Legacy game link.


No player is complete without a trusty weapon to aid them in their adventures. Some weapons can be used while holding a shield, but other weapons require two hands in order to use.


These items provide varying levels of protection from enemy attacks, and sometimes lessen certain types of attacks. You are allowed to wear one of each type of armor at one time.

Item Reference

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The items are sorted first by price, then by ID.


Image Name (ID) BUY/Sell Weight Description Rarity
Use-potions-reddye.png Red Dye (690) 100 GP
20 gp
10 A vial containing red dye. Craftable, Ishi
Use-potions-yellowdye.png Yellow Dye (693) 100 GP
20 gp
10 A vial containing yellow dye. Craftable, Ishi
Use-potions-lightbluedye.png Light Blue Dye (694) 100 GP
20 gp
10 A vial containing light blue dye. Craftable, Ishi
Use-potions-darkgreendye.png Dark Green Dye (699) 2000 GP
1000 gp
10 A vial containing dark green dye. Craftable
Use-potions-greendye.png Green Dye (691) 2500 GP
1000 gp
10 A vial containing green dye. Craftable
Use-potions-pinkdye.png Pink Dye (695) 2500 GP
1000 gp
10 A vial containing pink dye. Craftable
Use-potions-orangedye.png Orange Dye (697) 2500 GP
1000 gp
10 A vial containing orange dye. Craftable
Use-potions-blackdye.png Black Dye (696) 30000 GP
25000 gp
10 A vial containing black dye. Craftable
Use-potions-darkbluedye.png Dark Blue Dye (692) 40000 GP
15000 gp
10 A vial containing dark blue dye. Craftable
Use-potions-purpledye.png Purple Dye (698) 70000 GP
50000 gp
10 A vial containing purple dye. Craftable