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The following list is a collection of items that can be found all through out The Mana World.


No player is complete without a trusty weapon to aid them in their adventures. Some weapons can be used while holding a shield, but other weapons require two hands in order to use.


These items provide varying levels of protection from enemy attacks, and sometimes lessen certain types of attacks. You are allowed to wear one of each type of armor at one time.

Item Reference

Armor-head-Magicgmtophat.pngRecently added Use-food-snapple.pngHealth Items Weapon-dagger-setzer.png1-Handed Weapons Weapon-polearm-scythe.png2-Handed Weapons
Weapon-arrow-arrow.pngAmmo Use-potion-concentrationpotion.pngStatus Items Armor-head-blackwizardhat.pngHelmets Armor-legs-redtrousers.pngLegs
Armor-chest-desertshirt.pngArmors Armor-feet-blackboots.pngBoots Armor-shield-woodenshield.pngShields Armor-hands-wintergloves.pngGloves
Sapphirering.pngRings Generic-4leafclover.pngCharms Use-potion-darkgreendye.pngDyes Generic-bluerose.pngFlowers
Generic-darkeasteregg.pngEaster Skeletoncharm.pngHalloween Generic-snowmanglobe.pngChristmas Generic-wolvernpelt.pngOther
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