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ID: 1022

Level 175

May mutate 2 attributes up to 30%.


Health Points10000
Physical Resistance40%
Magical Resistance20%
Job Experience1241
Monster Points200

Jack O's are a hard-to-kill monster, and have a lot of HP as well as attack speed. They are quite hard to hit, more so for the lower level players, but noting their high level of monster points, these can be an enticing challenge for any player. At one stage, before the bowels of hell opened even further during the great earthquake, these were the hardest monsters to kill, but now they are just one of many hellish creatures.


For the daring adventurer, there is a lone Jack O in a cave, which you can see when in the field with Grass Snakes and Red Slimes in it, just above the Northern Cave entrance, directly North of Hurnscald. Getting there though is another thing. To get there one must pass through many Black Scorpions in a cave that breeds these by the dozens. Here are some directions:

Method 1 - Hurnscald Inn

  • Heading out from Hurnscald, go West and enter the Hurnscald Inn. Turn right, and then go South, to leave the Inn through the Cellar.
  • From the Cellar, continue South to the Hurnscald Cave. Follow the path to the end of the carpet, and then head West.
  • At the second Northern path, head North. As you cross the narrow section of cave, head East. You will pass a torch, and then head slightly North to the portal. There are many Black Scorpions and Red Slimes here, but this isn't the worst bit. Enter the portal.
  • From here, you need to head East then South, and through the portal into the garden which holds the Jack O. There are many Spiders, Snakes and Black Scorpions there, and also one Yellow Slime. Once you've made it through, you are in a paddock alone with a Jack O.

Method 2 - Woodland Miners Camp

  • Heading North from Hurnscald, enter the Woodland Miners Camp, to the left of the path just before you enter the Northern Mine. Walk past Caul, and go down the stairs (the top set of stairs). When you reach the bottom, you will see to your North a door. Enter the door.
  • This section is part of the Northern Mine. Walk up to the top, and you will see two options. Take the one on the right.
  • Here, head NorthEast, and work your way around the many lovely monsters that are in the cave there for your enjoyment. Head South at the far exit, and this will take you to the Jack O paddock.

Jack O's are also found in the deeper parts of the Graveyard, as well as the occasional cave. It is possible to summon one at the Evil Obelisk, although the choice I don't believe is up to the player as to which monster is spawned. I could be wrong.


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