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Playable Races


Male (left) and Female (right)

Humans evolved from primordial Tritans thanks to the mutating effects of Mana in the early centuries of Gasaron's creation. Their ancestral home is the region of Argaes on the continent of Ancea.

Humans live in all sort of climates all over Gasaron, constructing villages and cities and trading with each other. Strong bodies and sharp minds make humans the most versatile of races, able to thrive in most environments and to specialise in most disciplines. Humans invented strong ships to travel on water and to spread their civilization to most parts of the world. Both main continents are dotted with Human cities, where they congregate and live together. Urban areas are a specific characteristic of the Human race. They protect humans from the unpredictable wilderness of the outside world and foster trade and cooperation among individuals. Other races have slowly become accustomed to Human cities and often use these as meeting points and sometimes even dwell in them.


Male (left) and Female (right)

Ukar evolved from primordial Tritans thanks to the mutating effects of Mana in the early centuries of Gasaron's creation. Their ancestral home is the Tempus Mountains south of the region of Kaizei.

The Ukar (both singular and plural) are an extremely independent-minded race. They favor underground environments and build their dwellings inside large mountains. An Ukar's eyesight is poor and particularly suited for the dark. However, this race possesses extremely advanced senses of smell and hearing. Ukar can detect noises at a wider range of frequencies than any other race and can use their smell to track pretty much everything. These abilities make this race particularly skilled at stealth.

Ukar are the only other race apart from Humans who congregate in cities. However, Ukar cities are merely densely populated communal areas rather than commercial hubs. Ukar have no trading or military culture, focusing their interests towards artistry. Ukar music is famed for filling mountain tunnels and valleys with enchanting and beautiful sounds, their sculptures seem to emerge from the very rock they are carved from as naturally as a tree grows from the ground, and their writings tell great stories of fantasy and accounts of real events that concern all races in Gasaron.

In an old language Ukar were also known as Talpans, a name still sometimes used by Humans to refer to them.


Male (left) and Female (right)

By far the oldest race on Gasaron, the Tritans originate from the deep sea. Some say Humans evolved as a land-dwelling branch of the Tritan species. They live in the Tritan Ocean, which recieves its name from them, and the Oranye Isles - the only land in Gasaron which is fully inhabited and controlled by them. The Tritans can live on land for unlimited amounts of time, but generally prefer water and will submerge whenever possible. Tritans living on land will often live in coastal huts or Human cities and still possess a main home in the nearby sea.

Tritans are a very simple yet pragmatic race and often find it difficult to be taken seriously and valued by other races. However, their pragmatism is what gives Tritans such a strong resolve and military-oriented mind. Tritan warriors can be ferocious adversaries and thanks to their quick regeneration skills (especially when in water), they can withstand more damage than most others.


Frost Male/Female (left) Fire Male/Female (right)

Kralogs may only be chosen as a playable race after being reborn.

The Kralogs are a nomadic species, distantly descended from the Ukar. They originate from the Land of Fire, two large volcanic islands off the coast of Kaizei. Their land is very cold and temperatures are kept tolerable by geothermal activity and the great volcano of Ar'kibh. Kralogs live mostly in camps, always ready to relocate to avoid volcanic activity. They are great metal workers and warriors, owing their skills to what little their land has to offer.

Due to the harsh environment in which they live, the Kralogs have become extremely resourceful and have developed to a unique level of technological advancement. Thanks to the use of the various metals available and the harnessing of the geothermal power of the Isle of Pihre, unique machinery and strange steam-powered contraptions can be seen in all of the Kralogs' moving villages; many of the machines are in fact designed to aid in moving across the Pihrean Tundra.

Kralogs develop extremely different external appearences based on what temperature they have been exposed to the most during childhood. The reasons for this are unknown, but this characteristic is attributed at least to the unusual presence of two temperature extremes on the Land of Fire. Kralogs exposed to very cold temperatures in areas away from volcanos develop a greyish skintone with two small horns on the head. Kralogs exposed to very hot temperatures in underground complexes where lava flows freely develop a red skintone with various horns portruding from the scalp (forming a crown-like feature) and from the brow.


Light Male/Female (left) Dark Male/Female (right)

Raijin may only be chosen as a playable race after being reborn.

The Raijin (both plural and singular) were created by accident following the events of The Mana War. The conflict between the Wizard Order and the non-human races of Gasaron accidentally triggered a Mana storm. Unable to contain the energy of the storm, the sorcerers fell victim of its raw power and were mutated into hybrid beings that were mostly organic, but infused with raw mana energy. Over a few days, the energy itself dissipated, fueling the leylines of Gasaron and strengthening the effects of magic in the world. What remained of the sorcerers was the Raijin; a strange looking race with great affinity for Mana and all the types of magic that it fuels.

As the First Raijin recovered and went on with their lives, they discovered that they could no longer mate with Humans. However, when mating among themselves they produced new Raijin. This race has two typical morphological patterns: Light Raijin and Dark Raijin. Which pattern they take on depends on what magic they are exposed to the most during infancy. It is possible for them to mutate forms; however this is an extremely painful and difficult to achieve transition as it requires intensive exposure to the Raijin's opposite side of magic.

A widespread myth is that Raijin reproduce through laying eggs. This is untrue. The myth is fairly common among Humans and is often referred to with the intention of poking fun at the Raijin race.

Other races

There are some other races, but they are so exceptionally rare that some even might question whether these races actually exist.


The Hantu were supposedly the first beings to come into existence. Most of the stories about them were told by the Mana Tree and passed on through thousands of generations of Tritans, eventually mixing history with myth. Not much is truly known about the Hantu today.


In rare occasions, the Mana Tree is able to produce seeds in its fruits. These Mana Seeds are capable of producing an Irminsul. These tree-like beings are fully sentient. They take a much smaller form than the Mana Tree and are able to grow in dark caves, cold tundras or even arid deserts and their luscious blue-green leaves seem unaffected by these environments. They wield considerable power, but are in no way invincible. Irminsul can be killed and will die if their underground connection to the Mana Tree is severed. Irminsul typically do not talk to most people unless they are addressed first. They are said to be of good disposition and would only cause harm to defend themselves or the natural environment around them.