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Quest Overview
Starting Location 021-2 North Tulimshar, Wizard's Rest, third floor
Level 1
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, Daily Delivery is repeatable once every 24 hours.

Note: This Quest is intended to make you visit central Tulimshar. If you are new to the game it may be better for you to complete it on your own rather than using the following the spoiler.

Background Story

Kylian is a salesman and came to Tulimshar because he is thinking about establishing a shop here. He is new to the city and is busy with a lot of his papers. Will you help him to carry a bunch of little tasks?


What To Do

Go to the Wizard's Rest and speak to Kylian on the third floor.

  1. First he will ask you to get his luggage from the docks and gives you his ticket which you store in your pocket. Walk to the port and talk to Adrian. He will give you Kylian's luggage. Bring it back to Kylian and receive 100 GP and 50 EXP, and 12 Acorns that you can trade later with Riskim in the bakery.
  2. Come back to him and he will ask you to find out who he has to talk to about opening a shop in this city. You will find that Yanis in the government building, the one with the three doors south of the port, is the right person to contact (you may already know it if you helped Imec). Kylian will thank you with 50 GP and 20 EXP.
  3. Kylian has finished his business affairs and wonders about getting a bit of cultural knowledge about the area. Maybe there are historical places to visit? Search for Weellos who is located on top of the Wizard School. Standing in front of the government building follow the North path, speak to him and return to Kylian.
  4. He also has to get something to eat while he is out. Some typical dish for this region would be a nice suggestion: help Fieri to make his Tonori Delight to be able to answer. Kylian is really generous : You win 50 GP and 20 EXP!
  5. Kylian wants to have some fun and asks about a good place to spend the evening. You explain how to get to the casino and receive 50 GP and 20 EXP again. If Kylian doesn't ask you about a good place to spend the evening you need to log out and in again.
  6. He needs proper clothes to go to the casino and asks where high quality clothing is sold. Speak to Latoy then explain about her high quality shop at in the Noble District inside the weaver's house. (50 GP and 20 EXP).
  7. After he returns from the casino he will also greet you with a Desert Hat. You might need to log out and in again, meanwhile he will return from the casino.
  8. Next Kylian mentions his shop license has been approved and he has opened a shop on the other side of the street from the Hotel. Visit the shop to attain work.
  9. Telling the KPS Manager your name will start a Daily Quest, You can shuffle through the ones available to get a different delivery.
    1. Falkurn in Pachua's Village
    2. Old Wizard north of Hurnscald
    3. Baktar who lives in Nivalis
  10. After selecting a delivery visit that NPC and return within 10 minutes.
  11. After successfully completing 4 deliveries, Kylian will give you a bonus.


  • 350 GP
  • 150 EXP
  • 12 Acorns
  • 1 Desert Hat (+3 Defense, -1 Magic attack)
  • Daily Delivery Quest (100 GP, Level * 10 EXP)

Total Cost:

  • No cost.

The Daily Delivery is repeatable once every 24 hours.

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