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Quest Overview
Starting Location 022-1 Legacy:Tulimshar
Level 1
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

What to do:

  1. Speak with Anwar. He is in Tulimshar. You will find him if you head South from the ferry, and heading East when you meet Lieutenant Dausen. He can not leave his garden and wants you to go to the Magic School.
  2. Speak with Tinris. He is just Northeast of the ferry, in a garden with Eomie. Tinris tells you that today is his anniversary, but he can not leave the garden to get a gift for his girlfriend. He wants you to go to the Bakery and bring back a Chocolate Cake.
  3. After Tinris receives the cake he will create a potion, but he needs ingredients. Gather and deliver 6 Maggot Slimes, 4 Bug Legs, 3 Scorpion Stingers and 1 Pile of Ash to Tinris.
  4. Take the potion to Anwar. He uses it, but the plants shrivel and turn brown. He asks you to tell Tinris what happened. Return to Tinris.
  5. Tinris will create another potion, but he needs more ingredients. Bring another 4 Maggot Slimes, 5 Bug Legs, 2 Scorpion Stingers, 2 Piles of Ash and 1 Cactus Potion to him.
  6. Tinris combines the ingredients, but can't get the spells right. He recommends taking the mixture to Professor Eomie. She is next to Tinris (they are in the garden).
  7. Ask Eomie to cast spells. She says she would, but her Oasis may die. Reply with 'Is there any possibility?'. Gather the ingredients she asks for, and return to her. She needs 5 Grass Seeds, 2 Bottles of Water and 2 Ice Cubes.
  8. Take this new potion back to Anwar. He sprinkles it on a couple of the plants, to see if it works. Then he applies the remainder to the entire field. He is happy and wants to show his gratitude by making clothes for Tinris and Eomie. And, of course, more ingredients are required. Bring 3 Cotton Cloths and 30 Silk Cocoons to Anwar.
  9. Anwar creates a V-Neck Sweater for Tinris and wants you to deliver it. Go to Tinris.
  10. Tinris is pleased and asks you to thank Anwar for him. Return to Anwar.
  11. Anwar creates a Silk Headband for Eomie and wants you to deliver it. Go to Eomie.
  12. Eomie is pleased, and asks you to thank Anwar for her. Return to Anwar.
  13. Anwar is glad Tinris and Eomie liked their gifts and gives you a gift as well. Quest completed.



Total Costs: