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This article collects information regarding the conceptualisation of the game world of The Mana World.

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Argaes, showing Hurnscald and the surrounding Woodland and other areas.

Civilization & Environment

Argaes has the most diverse environment in the world. The landscape presents a sample of each of the world's terrain-types, making it an ideal place for a young adventurer to get started.

The Surrounding Sea

The Tritan Ocean is to the West of the land, and to the East is the Clear Sea, where the ferry heads out from Hurnscald to Nivalis, South to the port of Tulimshar in Tonori, and across to Candor Island. At the South of the land is the Long Ocean.

The Valley

From the cliffs, a waterfall feeds a river that runs South, where it eventually meets a lake. Along the lake and to the East of the river lies the economic hub of the continent, Hurnscald.

A road leaves Hurnscald from North, East, South and Western directions. Heading North, you will reach the Northern Mines, a reserve of Coal, Iron Ore, Topaz and Rubies. Following the road out of town in an Easterly direction takes you to the Ferry. If you head South, you will reach the Witches' Hut, and also fields filled with many creatures such as Squirrels, Snails, Mana Bugs and Pinkies. Traveling to the West, you would quickly find the edge of the great Woodland, and other areas beyond. See the Navigation page for more information on this.

The Woodland & The Swamp

There are generally two modes of travel through the Woodland regions, the many paths and roads, or the cave network. The caves can be filled with many a dangerous monster though, and to the first-time spelunker, it can seem quite overwhelming if one gets lost.

The Graveyard was cursed, and the monsters in it have determined that any outsiders passing through will be hunted down and eaten as they are somewhat cannabalistic. The people of Hurnscald tend to stay away, unless they are heading there to remove this menace.

The Northern Mountain Range

Crossing the mountains is a challenge, but the road that passes through them is quite smooth. Rivers running between the mountains can be navigated by a series of bridges. There are mining projects currently active in the area, leaving abandoned tunnels behind them.


The Landmass Is Revealed

When the Gods escaped from the Crystals, the flow of elemental energy was altered. In addition to releasing vast amounts of previously unavailable energy, the environment was severely distorted. Northwest of Tonori, a storm raged for over a decade, causing extreme turbulence in the sea below. This seemingly normal turbulence then changed in to an enormous whirlpool. All travel through the area was interrupted.

The storm eventually relented and the sea calmed. Much to the world's surprise, the whirlpool that had disrupted travel for so long, seemed to give birth to an entirely new landmass. What started with a few explorers quickly expanded in to groups. A few small settlements, forts and colonies came and went and before long, people began to stay and raise families.