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Quest Overview
Starting Location Hurnscald
Level 1
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once


As you encounter Banu standing in her private fields she will ask you to help with some chores. Help her and you will gain a friend.


Land: Argaes

Locality: Hurnscald

Map Name: Hurnscald Outskirts

Map Number: 008-1

Coordinates: 70 42

How to get there

  1. From the Soul Menhir in Hurnscald, head North up the path through the first portal.
  2. To the left, you will see Banu standing in the field. Approach her and speak to her.


What to do Part I (Water)

  • Talk to Banu. She will tell you field work is hard and ask you to fill an old womans water bottle.
  • Accept and she will give you an Empty Bottle to fill.
  • From Banu follow the road South to the first intersection. Then go East to the Water Pump.
  • Fill the bottle. It will cost you 150 GP at the well.
  • Return to Banu and receive your reward.


  • 200 GP
  • 30 EXP

Banu will then ask you for another favor. She needs a Knife. If you don't have one, you can get one from Peter at the Hurnscald Forge.

What to do Part II (Knife)

  • Enter the Last building to the South East Hurnscald (house with two chimneys) and purchase a Knife from Peter, if you haven't kept the one that Tanisha gave to you.
  • A Knife will cost you 50 GP.
  • Head back to Banu.
  • Give the Knife to Banu and receive your reward.


  • 60 GP
  • 30 EXP

Quest Overview

Total Cost:

  • Knife and 150 GP or
  • 200 GP

Total Reward:

  • 60 EXP
  • 260 GP

Other Info


Github - banu.txt