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ID: 1009

Level 100

May mutate 2 attributes up to 50%.


Health Points600
Job Experience35
Monster Points45

The Black Scorpion is a monster that acts in an aggressive mob. It is commonly found in mines and caves, and is very dangerous for low-level players. It can be a source of medium income, since it's Stingers can be sold to Mike as a daily quest - 2500gp for each 4 stingers.



Hurnscald Cave

In caves underneath Hurnscald, there are a decent amount of Black Scorpions, alongside Red and Yellow Slimes, as well as Snakes and Spiders in some parts. This is a good place for medium-level players to hunt scorpions, as they can be safely killed one by one. While hunting, kill some Red and Yellow Slimes too, they have valuable loot. However, when one can easily kill a Black Scorpion, it may be profitable to move to a location with more of these mobs.

Desert Mountains

South-east from Tulimshar, past where Stewen guards the portal, Black Scorpions can be commonly found - as well as Snakes and Mountain Snakes. However, this is not an effective place to hunt them, as they are spread through a large area, and a lot of Snakes and Green Slimes are going to interrupt you.

Northern Mines

There are a lot of Black Scorpions to find in mines South from Hurnscald, which can be accessed by going into the inn, and heading down the stairs. They are usually accompanied by Spiders, and spawn there in great amounts. This is also a good place for hunting if you are in need for some stingers.