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Quest Overview
Starting Location 048-2, Blue Sages' residence.
Level 60
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

Background Story

You arrive all the way in the far North West of Kaizei, in the town of Thermin, at the residence of the Blue Sage Nikolai, a member of the Sages of Kaizei. He lives here with his apprentices and helpers. They maintain a huge library to improve, among other subjects, their knowledge in magical sciences.

If you came here to find some book you will be disappointed because as janitor Elias says: They "had an accident with some magic experiments, that caused some slimes to get out of control." Slimes ate most of the books in the library. Blue Sages are wise, thus "you look like a skilled adventurer. If you'd like to offer your help, that'd be greatly appreciated." You will soon discover that even Sages can have issues and that the "accident" is likely a sabotage. You will have to help Nikolai and his fellows to save what they can in the library and to get rid of the remaining slimes' nest in the book storage area.


The quest is quite easy to solve (only patience is required to grind the necessary items you have to gather). But if you are in a hurry due to being between two courses in school or something, use the following spoiler:

The easiest way to get there is asking Diryn the Traveler to warp you right in front of the mansion. This will cost 1,500 GP, but it is the safest and quickest way. The only problem is that you have to have been there at least once already.

If you want to walk there, use the following guide:

  • When you arrive at the port at Nivalis travel North, then West, and follow the path around. The entrance to Nivalis Centre is to the West, but you need to continue travelling around the wall to get there.
  • Once you find the portal, enter, and travel SouthWest, and you will see the Soul Menhir. Another option is to die in Nivalis (not hard to do if you find a White or a Blue Slime to hit), and you will respawn at the Soul Menhir there.
  • Once you are at the Soul Menhir, you will see a path just on your right. Travel South to the Snow field, then South-West to Snow Path, where the Barbarians installed their camp in the Mangarron area.
  • Head North to the Snow Forest, then enter the Rock Plateau, heading West along the Northern face of the cliffs, and climb North-East. Beware now, as there are Wolverns about, and if you take the wrong path or cave, there are Yetis.
  • Now go West and follow the cliffs, then to the North when you meet more of the Wolverns, then East until you find a cave entrance that faces a strange stone circle.
  • Enter the frosty underground and turn left to the West. Follow the North wall and keep it to your right hand until the exit, while taking care of your health (Yetis and other dangerous critters wander around).
  • Once outside, go West and go through the Northern corridor. See below for a visual, using the map.


This quest has three independent parts:

  1. Find who is responsible for the mess in the library,
  2. Try to save some books,
  3. Eradicate the slime nests in the library.

What To Do:


After you have talked to Elias and maybe had a chat with the other NPCs nearby, go and see Peetu on the 4th floor. He seems to have originated the problem. Be kind, don't troll him and try to calm him first. Listen to his story, then go to Helper's Chief Oskari to speak in his favour. Now investigate! Obviously no one is better placed than janitor Elias to keep an eye on strangers. A weird masked visitor has been seen just before the events! Now try to learn more: Return first to Peetu to gather more information about the way things happened: A magic spell used to keep slimes under control has escaped though Peetu seems to have been very cautious. Perhaps someone in the library will tell you more? Ask them about the masked visitor, without forgetting to inquire about Peetu. You will surely conclude that Peetu is not responsible for the mess and that the visitor with the golden mask has done some black magic in the workshop to make him fail to seal the slimes. Return to Oskari and tell him what you learned. You will get valuable information about the 11 Sages of Kaizei. One of them has left and is suspected now to be responsible for the recent sabotages: Weird creature behaviour, Christmas sabotage and now this! Finally, go back to Peetu and tell him why he is not guilty and that he is only a victim of the traitor. He will reward you with an useful pair of Silk Gloves.

Save Books

Talk to Nikolai to get the information about what is needed.

  • Help Ensio* collect 31 Book Pages (10,000 Exp per original page, 1,000 Exp per duplicate page, thus (310,000 + 1000*RandomNumber Exp.).
  • Return to Nikolai to get a Grimoire (+5 Magic Attack, +30 Spell Points) as a reward.

* You can know your progress by checking how Ensio greets you.

If he says: "Thanks for the pages you brought. There are still some missing." means he got more than 8 unique pages.
"Wow, you already found quite a lot of bookpages. Please keep it up!" , you've brought more than 18 and
"There are only a few pages missing." then you've found more than 26 unique pages.


Eradicate Slimes Nests

Talk to Pyry to have information about Slimes nest. You will have to clear 3 Blue Slime's nests (1, 2 and 3 slimes spawned) and 4 White Slime's nests (3, 4, 5 and 6 slimes spawned) If you are helped it is less likely that you succeed in nest clearing. There is a 1/20 probability that a "slime drips out of a bookshelf right in front of you and step onto it." You may be blown up. You are advised when you succeed in clearing the nest or if slimes escape. When all nests are eradicated Nea and Pyry tell you about it. Return to Nikolai to get a Ice Gladius (+1 Luck, +110 Damage) as a reward.



  • 1 Silk Gloves
  • 1 Grimoire
  • 1 Ice Gladius
  • 7,000 Experience Points for coloring items.
  • 10,000 Experience Points for glue items.
  • 10,000 Experience Points for paper items
  • 10,000 Experience Points for cover items
  • 10,000 Experience Points per missing page and 1,000 Experience Points for duplicate copies.

Thus a total experience points of 347,000 + RandomNumber * 1,000. RandomNumber follows a rather complicated law. The number of pages you have to give has a computed mean of 59.6 and 7.8 as standard deviation; you have 99% chances that it is between 36 and 83. (RandomNumber will be then 28.6 with 99% chances to be between 5 and 52)

Total Cost: