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Boss Points are a special kind of points that you win when completing special achievements or quests. Some quests require you to kill rather tough mobs (bosses) to acquire them while others require other conditions.

How to get them

Quests that give Legacy:Boss Points are:

Required Level Quest Redoable NPC Boss or Action Boss Points
- Miners Quest No Sema Giant Cave Maggot 10
- Helping with experiments No Auldsbel 4 Grass snakes 4*5
30 Bandit Quest No Bryant Bandit Lord 20
40 Candor Battle Yes Parua Stay alive! 100
60 Rossy Quest Yes* Alana, Rossy, David, Clauquer Each cave and boss (Fey Element) 9*10+50
60 Crypt - First Boss Quest Yes Krukan Krukan 25
60 Crypt - Second Boss Quest Yes Razha Razha 50
60 Crypt - Third Boss Quest Yes Terogan Terogan 75
70 Raging Skill (third part) No Yerrnk Yeti 40
70 Angela's Daughter Yes* Cindy Yetis 70
90 The Illia Sisters No Defeat the witch! Luvia Quest_level(0→50) * 16 / 10 + 120

(* a player will only be able to do this again if there is another player on the team who hasn't completed it)

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