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Quest Overview
Starting Location 018-2 North of Hurnscald
Level 1
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever
Reward Healing Potion
Cost Herbs

What To Do:

  1. Go to the north of Hurnscald and enter the mining camp. Inside, you will see Caul.
  2. Ask him about healing potions and give him 1 of each kind of herb.
  3. There will be a certain percentage for each type of Healing Potion depending on your intelligence stat.
  4. Caul can also make Monster Oil used in the Setzer Quest.
  5. He can also make Grimace of Dementia for the Focusing Skills.


  • The more you increase your intelligence stat, the better your potion will be successful, or in the case of the healing potions, the larger they may be.
  • The ingredients used for alchemy are Herbs which are dropped by immobile, non-attacking herb "monsters" as well as Squirrels, Vicious Squirrels, and the much-harder to kill Fey Element. They can be found on the maps south and west of Dimond's Cove and scattered throughout the Woodland area. Herbs exist in 4 different colors: Alizarin (red), Gamboge (yellow), Mauve (purple) and Cobalt (blue).
  • For every potion you brew, a random number between 0 and the intelligence stat of the character is rolled. The result determines the created potion:



Image Potion Name HP Heal Bonus
0 - 5 Use-potions-tinyhealingpotion.png Tiny Healing Potion +100
6 - 15 Use-potions-smallhealingpotion.png Small Healing Potion +200
16 - 35 Use-potions-mediumhealingpotion.png Medium Healing Potion +400
36 - 99 Use-potions-largehealingpotion.png Large Healing Potion +800

Herbs are dropped by:


  • Healing Potion

Total Cost:

  • Herbs

Other potion ingredients will be found on other pages relating to the quest, or the potion itself.

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