Legacy:Daily Quests

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  • Under the quest's picture, near the Level line, you will see a level. If you don't see "recommended" next to it, it means you need to be at least of the level written to start the quest.
  • For these quests, you need Daily Points. You obtain Daily Points each day. The number of Daily Points you get is equal to your level.
  • You can get extra daily points as a reward for helping someone to save Angela's Daughter: Cindy. Each time you do it you will receive a bonus of half of your regular daily points.

Level Required Daily Quest Name of the needed item Number of the needed item Daily Points cost Money Experience Money/ d. p. Exp./d. p.
10 Legacy:Imec's Stingers Legacy:Scorpion Stingers 6 3 200 40 66.66 13.33
15 Legacy:Riskim's Acorns Acorns 6 3 250 50 83.33 16.66
15 Legacy:Doug's Cave Snake Lamps Cave Snake Lamps 5 10 1000 1500 100 150
20 Legacy:Arkim's Bat Wings Legacy:Bat Wings 3 4 600 100 150.00 25.00
25 Legacy:Arkim's Brother - N/A All 20 x (Daily Points) 20 x (Daily Points) 20 20
30 Legacy:Jack Legacy:Raw Log 30 25 4000 4000 160 160
40 Legacy:Mike's Stingers Legacy:Black Scorpion Stingers 4 16 2,500 500 156.25 31.25
40 Legacy:Miner's Treasure Keys Legacy:Treasure Keys 10 35 3,000 300 85,71 8,57
70 Legacy:Angela's Yellow Present Boxes Legacy:Yellow Present Boxes 3 32 5,300 1,300 165.63 40.63
80 Legacy:Angela's White Present Boxes Legacy:White Present Boxes 3 64 10,800 2,800 168.75 43.75