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Level 2

Quest Overview
Orum and Waric.png
Starting Location 017-4 Hideout
Level 40 - 60 recommended
Prerequisites General Magic Skill Level 2,
Orum Quest, Orum and Waric follow-up quest
Redoable No, only once

What to do:

Warning: This quest will teach you Dark Magic. However, you will not be able to learn Astral Magic from Sagatha anymore. You also have to be on the Dark Path of Magic, which means you cut the Druid Tree and killed the Injured Mouboo.

  1. To become Waric's apprentice, ask him to teach you more magic and take the oath.
  2. Read it until the end and choose to say the final terrifying word. You get the Dark Magic Skill level 2 and 150,000 EXP.
  3. Talk to Waric again to learn the first spell, #helorp. It consumes 1 Dark Crystal and 1 Small Mushroom to summon Wicked Mushrooms.
  4. The second spell he teaches you is #phlex. It uses 2 Roots to poison an enemy, but is usable only on players.
  5. For the third and last spell, bring him 1 Root and 1 Snake Egg. He shows you the spell using these items but only mumbles it. Ask him what did he mumble to learn #halhiss, a summoning-snakes spell.

Roots are dropped by:

Snake Eggs are dropped by:


Total Cost:


  • #helorp
  • #phlex
  • #halhiss