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Quest Overview
Starting Location 013-3 Mine of Hurnscald
Level 60 recommended
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

What To Do:

  1. Go to the mine, which can be found by going North from Hurnscald as far as you can go until you find the cave entrance.
  2. From there, head straight up through the mine, and at the end, past the skull, take the entrance on the right.
  3. Once on the other side of the entrance, go left, and take the entrance directly on your left.
  4. Head West and take the first path to the North. Follow the path as it turns to the left, then turn South after the candle stand that is located on the West side of the small pond (take the second entrance in the southwest).
  5. Head South through the open entrance, then head West. You will see an entrance at the North, take it.
  6. You will enter an area with two candle-stands and three shields, and a pond with what appears to be a face. As you enter the small alcove-like southern section where the three shields are, go to the other side of the small barrier on your North side, and you will find an entrance there. Behind it you will find the bookcases. Enter there.
  7. There are two bookshelves: one is in this room, surrounded by Black Scorpions, and another in a peaceful room South of the scorpion room. It is the second one of these shelves you need to click on to read the ritual. Here is the Fourth Sword.
  8. After reading about the ritual, head North of the face in the pond, and there is an entrance there.
  9. If you have all the items (see list below), you will be able to get past the barrier. If not, check your item list, and collect what you are missing.
  10. Open the chest to retrieve your Demon Mask (+3 Defense).


  • You need to open the barrier that blocks access to the chest. The hardest item to get is a Soul, which can be dropped by a few higher level monsters. The easiest is the Jack O. Kill one, and you will receive a Soul. This, along with the other items below, will let you pass the barrier and you will find the chest in the next room.
  • The Jack O usually appears on one of the cliffs in this region. It's full of dead trees. The entrance is in the Woodland Mines.
  • It's a long quest to get all of the items, so maybe you'd prefer to trade for some of the objects with other players.


  • 1 Demon Mask (+3 Defense)

Total Cost: