Legacy:Helping With Experiments

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 009-1 West from Hurnscald
Level Increases with the Experiments
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

What To Do:

Find Auldsbel in the Woodlands, west from Hurnscald. Just follow the stone path and go straight forward, you'll then see Auldsbel on your way. Ask Auldsbel if he needs any help with his experiments.

  1. The first experiment requires 20 Mauve Herbs that he is missing. Bring those to him to receive 250 EXP and 2,500 GP.
  2. The second experiment requires 1 Iron Potion, 1 Concentration Potion, 3 Small Healing Potions and 3 Medium Healing Potions. You will then receive 500 EXP and 2,500 GP.
  3. The third experiment requires 100 Silk Cocoons. Bring that big amount of Silk Cocoons to Auldsbel to get 2,000 EXP and 5,000 GP.
  4. The fourth experiment requires 25 Red Scorpion Stingers and 25 Maggot Slimes. You will receive 10,000 EXP and 5,000 GP for your hard gathering work.
  5. The fifth experiment requires 20 Snake Tongues, 20 Cave Snake Tongues and 20 Mountain Snake Tongues. You will receive 40,000 EXP and 8,000 GP for your efforts.
  6. The sixth experiment requires 50 Grass Snake Tongues, that'll take you some time to gather, even by buying from players. You will receive 100,000 EXP and 10,000 GP for your great efforts. Watch out, his experiment will turn bad and 4 Grass Snakes will appear, so prepare to run.


Mauve Herbs are dropped by:

Iron Potions are dropped by:

Concentration Potions are dropped by:

Silk Cocoons are dropped by:

Red Scorpion Stingers are dropped by:

Maggot Slimes are dropped by:

Snake Tongues are dropped by:

Cave Snake Tongues are dropped by:

Mountain Snake Tongues are dropped by:

Grass Snake Tongues are dropped by:


  • 152,750 EXP
  • 33,000 GP

Total Cost: