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Hurnscald is the capital of Argaes, on the Ancean continent. For more information on navigation, please click on the Navigation page.

Hurnscald Town


Hurnscald is a town which is surrounded by the lush Woodland area. This town is a centre for many Quests in game. It is the Capital of Argaes. Many players gather at this town to talk, to access their storage, or to bank their GP, etc. Its main export is lumber - mainly from Raw Logs and Roots, which Jack the lumberjack supplies readily, and Iron Ore which the mines are full of. The Mana Seed is located in the nearby Woodland, and involves visiting NPCs here. Potions are readily available here to those who have the patience to forage all the Herbs needed as well as Selim the Dyer, who can change the color for you. Hurnscald is the central port, where ferries arrive and depart from all continents.

What to Do

Hurnscald Town itself boasts a variety of shops that you can go to, and there are a number of places that are a starting point to many of the Quests. The accompanying map shows Hurnscald, as well as the Hurnscald Outskirts. Pay attention to this area as there are quests here too. Other letters will show you where you can go in town. For instance, there are:

Development History

After releasing the first woodland map it became apparent that the woodland area needed at least one settlement when it was supposed to expand. Most of the existing indoor and outdoor tiles were made for Tulimshar and were mainly desert-themed. Thus the development of two new village tilesets, an indoor and an outdoor tileset, was started under the working title "Woodland Village".

The tilesets were created primarily by Crush between autumn 2005 and winter 2006. Crush also did the mapping and the initial NPC scripting of the town. Because of his dedication to this sub-project for over a year, the town was named after him. Hurnscald is an anagram of Crush Land.

Prior to Hurnscald being built, the players used to meet in Tulimshar. This changed when the Northern Mine and later the Graveyard were added to the Argaen continent. These two difficult but rewarding level areas attracted a lot of high-level players and turned it into the center of the community.