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Item ID: 727

An Iten.
CategoryGeneric Item
Buy Price0 GP
Sell Price0 GP
Weight8000 g


Itens are almost...totally useless, with 8kg weight they can be for most of the game annoying Generic Items which may be created with the failure the #parum Magic Spells. The only use other than this is with Sema with a quest.

Historically they were created as a joke. People loved to beg for "itens" (instead of "items", due to language differences, even though "begging" is not allowed in game) so one day they received their Itens.

The #itenplz spell has a similar origin but a totally different in-game meaning.


  • Miners Quest Boss Giant Cave Maggot drop (100%)
  • sometimes when the #parum spell (e.g. #parum boo) fails

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