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Quest Overview
Starting Location 001-1 South Tulimshar
Level -
Prerequisites General Magic Skill Level 1
General Magic Skill Level 2 for Life Magic School spells
Redoable No, only once
Reward 1 Lifestone, #lum
6,000 EXP for Life Magic Skill
Cost None


First of all you must be able to cast spells. You get this skill by acquiring the first level of the General Magic Skill from the Mana Seed. Then you will have to meet magicians able to teach you specific magic schools, and make them accept you as students. You can also learn some spells from various NPCs (they can also be objects).

Weirdly, all magic skills except General Magic Skill have no level 1. Thus Life magic skill starts at level 2, we could say that General Magic Skill is a common level 1 to all magic schools. Whatever the school, the spells that you can cast at magic level 1 are called level 0 spells, at magic level 2, level 1 spells and so on. Spells with a level greater or equal to 1 require a specific magic school skill such as Life magic.


What To Do:

After you have got the first level in General Magic Skill , go to Elanore. She is located in the South part of Tulimshar, just South of the gates, and to the East. Ask her to teach you a spell, and she will teach you the lesser healing spell, #lum, to heal other players or yourself; the spell uses a Lifestone.

Training for Life Magic Skill

You need to practice healing before Elanore accepts you as a student and teaches you the Life Magic Skill. One of the things which may seem rather confusing to players is that progressing in magic involves "magic experience" which is rather hidden: you can only know about your status in magic by casting the #abizit spell. Life magic adds a third kind of experience, also hidden: "healing experience". Healing experience grows when you heal characters other than you. The heavier the wounds you cure are, the more healing experience you get. You can have an indication of the experience you get with the regular experience you get by healing (with #lum, it can go up to 400 exp). Casting #lum will give you 2 "magic experience" points, as long as the target player (including you) is wounded enough.

Once you have got enough healing experience (aim for 50 experience points), go back to see Elanore, where she now accepts you as a student in Life Magic and you get the Life Magic Skill (reward 5000 exp). She will also teach you the level 1 healing spell #inma as soon as you have got the second level in General Magic and have healed enough players wounds.

Life Stones

You need Lifestones to cast the #lum spell. When you ask Elanore where to get them, she will propose to make some for you. Bring her 10 leaves of each 4 colors, and she will make 10 life stones, 5 of which are for you; She will also reward you with 100 experience points.

When you have both general magic and some #lum experience, ask her if you can make them by yourself. Then she teaches you the #manpahil spell which uses one bug leg, maggot slime, or one leaf in each color to make one Lifestone.

Hints :

  • Use #lum spell on badly wounded players
  • Leveling up in that skill requires that you gain experience in general magic too.

Rewards :

  • Life Magic Skill (Level 2)
  • 5,000 EXP


  • #lum (level 0 spell)
  • #manpahil (level 0 spell)
  • #inma (level 1 spell)

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