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Quest Overview
Mana seed.png
Starting Location 009-2 Hurnscald
Level - 10 for General Magic Skill level 1
- 30 for General Magic Skill level 2
- 45 for the dark path
Prerequisites None at the start,
various for progressing
Redoable No, only once
Reward Various
Cost Various

Note: If you are new to magic please read the --> Magic <-- page of this wiki first.

It explains what magic means and tells you how to progress in it. This Magic Quests page is a kind of walk-through, showing you how to get which magic-related abilities.

Getting started: The Mana Seed

Mana Seed: First visit

Mana seed.png

To start the Magic Quests you need to touch the Legacy:Mana Seed first. The Legacy:Mana Seed can be found in a cave NorthWest of Hurnscald. To find it, head West from the Soul Menhir of Hurnscald. At the first cobblestone side road (at a farm with many trees), go North. Continue North until the T-intersection. Take the West path and follow it to a set of caves, one higher and one lower. Enter the higher cave, and continue through until it exits. Continue East along the stones in front of the cascade, follow the trail all the way, and into a second cave. The Mana Seed will be in the NorthEast corner of the lake.

After you touched it go to Wyara. You will need to drink the Mana Potion she can create for you before touching the Mana Seed a second time.

Wyara's Mana Potion


Wyara is able to create a Mana Potion for you. Auldsbel and Rauk are able to do so as well but Wyara is the best choice as she asks for the fewest items in exchange. Note that the option to ask her about the potion only appears after touching the Mana Seed the first time, so you can't skip that point.


Mauve Herbs are dropped by:

Bottles of Water are dropped by:


Mana Seed: Second and third visit

Once the potion is made and you are at least level 10, drink it and go and touch the Mana Seed again to get the General Magic Skill (level 1).


Now it's time for some practicing. If you still didn't read the following section of the Magic page please do now as it describes how improving your magic works: Training and leveling up magic skills

When #abizit answers that "You feel in perfect control of your magic" and you are at least level 30, come back to get the General Magic Skill level 2.


Note: At the present time the players magic level cannot be greater than level 2.


Cure The Pond


Wyara will also ask you to cure the pond at the west of Hurnscald. It is a very small pond with a rock in the middle. She will ask you to create a special potion for the pond twice. Each potion requires 20 Mauve Herbs and 20 Maggot Slimes. To purify the pond, use the potion while standing at the center of the pond but do not drop it! Dropping the potion will result in nothing.

After you get Nature Magic you can ask Wyara to teach you some spells. She knows about #inwilt (who is around), #inzuwilt (locate spouse) and #kaflosh (magic rain). All these level 1 spells require General Magic Skill level 2.


Mauve Herbs are dropped by:

Maggot Slimes are dropped by:


Elanore The Healer


Creating Lifestones

Elanore asks you to fetch 10 of each herb. In return, she will create 5 Lifestones. You will also receive 100 EXP each time she makes them.

Later, when you have a greater control of magic, which means after touching the Mana Seed, she will teach you the #lum spell and explains how it works:

To be a good healer you must heal a lot of players who are heavily wounded. Elanore will take a close look at you to see if you are a good healer.


  • The difference between slightly damaged and heavily wounded players is big, so don't underestimate the efficiency.
  • When you heal a player, you will receive EXP (the more damage you heal, the more EXP you earn - up to 400 exp with #lum).
  • With Manaplus standard settings you can press the "Q" key to select the closest player and "C" (while targetting this player) to heal him/her. This is often more comfortable than typing "#lum Playername" in the chat tab.



Get Life Magic Skill level 2

When you have healed enough players Elanore will accept you as a life magic student and you get the Life Magic Skill level 2 . When you achieved the General Magic Skill level 2 and have healed enough players she will teach you the #inma spell - the greatest healing spell in the game - and how to make Lifestones yourself with #manpahil.


  • none




Pauline will teach you how to summon Mouboos and Pinkies once you have already learned the Astral Magic Skill. To find her go to Tulimshar. She is located North from the Tulimshar Ferry, in the Wizard Training Centre. Enter the building, and she is in a room on the left.

She will tell you the invocations to both the Summon Pinkie and the Summon Mouboo spells she found, but she doesn't know the right ingredients for these spells. Your task is to find those ingredients. Starting with the Summon Mouboo spell you will have to type in the ingredients. The right ingredients are one Root and a Mouboo Figurine, so you have to type "Root" and "MoubooFigurine". You also have to give her these items to complete this subquest. Once you have typed it in and given her the correct ingredients she will spawn a Mouboo and give you 10 000 EXP as a reward.

Then she will ask for the ingredients of the Summon Pinkie spell which are "Root" and "PinkAntenna". Once you gave her both the ingredients she will spawn a Pinkie and give you another 10 000 EXP reward.


  • The input is case sensitive and will not accept spaces.
  • You can type in any ingredient you want. If you have that with you she will take it and the item is gone. So do not give her any rare items just to play around. Items you give her trying to complete the Quest will be lost and cannot be restored.



  • #kalboo spell
  • #kalgina spell
  • 20,000 EXP

Old Wizard


The Old Wizard lives with his apprentice, in a magic house in Woodland hills, far North of Hurnscald. To find his house, follow the stone road West to the first Northern going stone road. Follow the road up to the T, turn right and take the first dirt path to the right: you will soon see it on the right of your character.

The Old Wizard can teach you the Astral Soul Skill if you give him 100 Acorns and 1 Pearl, and will teach you the #anwiltyp spell.

While #anwiltyp only helps you to hide from other mages trying to locate you with #inwilt the Astral Soul Skill is a must-have for those wanting to specialize in magic as it increases your Magic Attack (M.Attack) if focused on. You will also get 2 500 EXP for that.

Auldsbel can also teach you the Astral Soul Skill, but the Old Wizard asks for less in exchange.





Auldsbel is a wizard living in a house in the Woodlands, west of Hurnscald. He gives a lot of wise advice, so read it!

Like Wyara, Auldsbel is also able to create a Mana Potion for you if you have already touched the Mana Seed. However, Wyara is the better choice as Auldsbel asks for quite a lot in exchange: 1 Pearl, 20 Mauve Herbs, 10 Gamboge Herbs and 10 000 GP.

Auldsbel can also teach you the Astral Soul Skill and reward you with 2 500 EXP for it, but he asks for 11 500 GP - better learn it from the Old Wizard.

Spells and the Transmutation Magic Skill

Auldsbel will teach you a lot of spells:

  • #miteyo is mostly a training spell for the General Magic Skill.
  • #parum <name>: Two old tritan names work with it: Skytlurk (#parum lurk) and Mouboo (#parum boo), but the first one systematically gives you a Warped Log as you don't know how a Skytlurk looks like. Unless #abizit tells you that you have at least "a very good control on your magic" it is likely your spell will fail. When Auldsbel sees a Mouboo Figurine that you created (you can't buy one and do it), he accepts you as a true apprentice and gives you his blessing (5 000 EXP and the Transmutation Magic Skill level 2).
  • #gole converts Piles of Ash to Sulphur Powder.
  • #patviloree crafts a Short Tank Top.
  • #patloree crafts a Tank Top - Auldsbel will ask you for 20 Mauve Herbs.
  • #patmuploo crafts a Cotton Shirt - Auldsbel will ask you for 10 Scorpion Stingers.
  • #kularzufrill converts Raw Logs to Arrows - Auldsbel will ask you for 20 Raw Logs and rewards you with 1 000 EXP.

Note: All the Transmutation Magic level 1 spells require General Magic level 2.



Helping With Experiments

You can help Auldsbel with his experiments now to earn GP and EXP. You do not have to know magic to perform this section.

For further information check Helping With Experiments.

Rauk The Alchemist

Rauk is located in the Woodlands, just West of Hurnscald. He also make dyes, knows about potion recipes, and transmutes Iron Ore and Ashes to powders.

For the Mana Potion, just like Wyara and Auldsbel, you must have already touched the Mana Seed before you can ask Rauk what he knows about it, but since he will ask you for 1 Pearl, 1 Bottle of Water, 30 Mauve Herbs, 20 Gamboge Herbs and 5 Piles of Ash you'd be better off sticking with Wyara.

You might want to come back to Rauk for his Powder Making offer since Iron Powder and Sulphur Powder are frequently used as ingredients for certain spells. Take him as second option though since trading with other players usually is less expensive for you.

Magic Swords

The Sister Sword near Dimond's Cove.
The Brother Sword in Hurnscald's Caves.

The Magic Swords are two among the 4 that are buried in a rock. Two of them will teach you the War Magic spells.

The "sister" stands in the middle of the river separating the Dimond's Cove map from the woods to the West. You can only see it from the West bank.

The "brother" stands in the river in the cave underneath the Hurnscald's Inn. Heading left, you will find it at the NorthWesterly corner, in the lake.

Spells and Skills taught by the Magic Swords:


  • If one refuses to talk with you, then start with, or try the other one.
  • #upmarmu, #frillyar and #ingrav require the General Magic Skill level 2.





Hinnak is located north of Hurnscald. After you have helped him to get rid of the Pinkies in the Farmer's Scythe Quest, he will ask for a Beer. When you give him one, he will tell you a scary and funny story and you will learn the #kalmurk spell.




  • #kalmurk spell

Hurnscald House Bookshelf

On the first floor of Hurnscald House, search for a book in the Western bookshelf. When you're skilled enough in magic, you can understand what is written inside and learn the #zukminbirf spell which allows you to transmute Iron Ore into Iron Powder. To avoid wasting Iron Ores, do not try it before #abizit says that "you are in very good control of your magic".



  • none


  • #zukminbirf spell


Aisha is a small girl playing on the port, at the uppermost part of Tulimshar's South bazaar. If you converse with her, she may tell you about the #itenplz spell.


  • none


  • #itenplz spell


Tondar is the Tulimshar Magic School director. Though the school doesn't accept students at the moment, he may teach you the very important #abizit spell. However, like many other spells you can already use it before learning it from him...


  • none


  • #abizit spell

Light and dark path of magic

In The Mana World there are two different types of mages: ones that follow the light path and ones that follow the dark one instead. Now it's time to choose between those paths.

Being on the dark path makes you unable to learn Nature Magic with Wyara or Astral Magic with Sagatha: if you chose the Dark Path of Magic, the Earth Spirit will only teach you Nature Magic. Wyara and Sagatha will refuse to speak to you. On the other hand you can only learn the Dark Magic Skill along with dark magic spell on the dark path.

WARNING: It's not possible to change the paths so think twice before starting to follow either the light or dark path!

Light path: Wyara

Wyara has two more missions for you. One is saving an old tree, another one is curing a Mouboo. Of course you will get rewards by doing so, but much more important it will make Sagatha help you to improve your magic.

Old Druid Tree


If you speak to Wyara about training you once you are Level 2 in the General Magic Skill, she will talk you about a dying tree in the desert SouthEast from Tulimshar that needs to be helped. Use the #kaflosh spell (requires Nature Magic Skill and General Magic Skill, both at Level 2). You also need to hug the tree by typing in your chat tab: "/me hugs tree" while being next to the tree.

Warning to Manaplus users: A Manaplus-TMW server incompatibility prevents the /me command to be correctly handled when you use colored text. Set your text color to default before hugging the tree.



  • 20 000 EXP

Injured Mouboo


Begin by going West from Hurnscald, then proceed north from Auldsbel's house. Enter the cave with a "Danger" sign near it (the other entrance is the path to Mana Seed cave). The Mouboo is located on the 2nd level at the South end, once you are out of the cave. You can use the #inma spell, "#inma mouboo" (not "#inma boo") on the injured Mouboo to heal it but you must have Level 2 Life Magic first. If you don't have Life Magic Level 2, then give it a Large Healing Potion.


Large Healing Potions can be crafted by:


  • 5 000 EXP

Dark path: Earth Spirit

(may need an edit...)

The Earth Spirit stands in the Tulimshar's desert. Go South of the Soul Menhir located at Tulimshar, go South through the gate and head East past Stewen. In the Eastern part of this map you will find a well. The Earth Spirit is in this well so just talk to it.

Injured Mouboo

While light mages have to save the Mouboo, dark mages have to kill it with a Bone Knife. Note that you have to be level 45 or higher to be able to kill it.

Begin by going West from Hurnscald, then proceed North from Auldsbel's house. Enter the cave with a "Danger" sign near it (the other entrance is the path to Mana Seed cave). The Mouboo is located on the 2nd level at the South end, once you are out of the cave.

Speak to the Mouboo while having the Bone Knife equipped in order to kill it.


Old Druid Tree

Instead of saving the tree, the Earth Spirit wants you to cut off a branch of it. The tree is in the same map as the spirit, just a bit more NorthWest. Speak to it and cut off a branch while having the Bone Knife equipped.


Earth Spirit

In order to become the Earth Spirit's student you will need to bring it the Druid Tree Branch and pay 100 000 GP as an enrollment fee.

Furthermore the Earth Spirit will teach you some Nature Magic Skill spells, namely #plugh and #betsanc but asks for 20 000GP for each spell that it teach you.



  • 6 000 EXP
  • #plugh spell
  • #betsanc spell

Light path: Sagatha


Sagatha will only talk to you...at least with any real help... if you are on the light path of magic and once you have achieved Level 2 in the General Magic Skill and Nature Magic Skill. Also your evil monster kill count must be greater than your innocent creature kill count. However, she has her own ideas of good and evil monsters. Take a look at the table below to see which ones she considers as good or evil. The number (#) indicates how much it affects Sagatha. The "unhappiness" of Sagatha is limited to 15 so you don't have to kill a lot of Scorpions or other creatures she doesn't like to make her happy.

Good Bad
Squirrel (2) Vicious Squirrel
Fluffy (3) Scorpion
Easter Fluffy (3) Angry Scorpion
Reinboo (3) Red Scorpion
Santaboo (3) Black Scorpion
Pollett (3) Wicked Mushroom
Mouboo (4) Demonic Mouboo
Pinkie (3) Bluepar


Spells taught by Sagatha:

  • #chipchip
  • #plugh
  • #kalrenk
  • #kalakarenk
  • #kaflosh
  • #betsanc
  • #asorm

Dark path: Waric


Waric is a mighty wizard living in the Hideout, in the Woodland Cave. He owns the knowledge of a vicious and not very well known kind of magic, the Dark Magic skill.

Warning !!

If you decide to learn Dark Magic you will not be able to learn Astral Magic from Sagatha with this character ever in the game.


  • You must have already done the Orum Quest and the Orum follow-up Quest before you ask Waric to teach you Dark Magic.
  • You must have killed the injured mouboo and cut the Druid Tree to be on the Dark Path of Magic. But it's not needed to talk, nor for doing the Earth Spirit quest.

Spells taught by Waric:

  • #helorp
  • #phlex
  • #halhiss