Legacy:Orum and Waric follow-up quest

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Quest Overview
Orum and Waric.png
Starting Location 017-4 Hideout
Level 40 - 60 (recommended)
Prerequisites Orum Quest
Redoable No, only once
Reward Orum: 1 Rose Hat, 100,000 EXP, 100,000 GP
Waric (optional): Dark Magic Skill, 150,000 EXP
Cost Various items



  1. Go to the Northern Woodland Hills and enter the Woodland Hills Labyrinth. The Woodland Hills Labyrinth is the series of caves that are situated on the Northern-most path in the Woodland Hills area. You get there by heading West from Hurnscald, and turning North just after the orchards, before the stream. When you reach the T intersection, turn right, and follow the roads NorthEast. When you are on the high road, go off-road, taking a path through the grass, and continue heading East along the top edge until you find the cave entrance. When you are inside the Labyrinth, move around the entrance counterclockwise and enter the Hideout. Follow the path until you reach the last Hideout section with two torches. Walk on the South-East entrance (if you suffer from Labyrinthophobia...did I make that up???...just be brave. It isn't as scary as it looks). Persuade the guardian spirit to let you into the cave.

  2. Talk to Orum and offer him your services.

  3. First, you must bring him 5 Small Mushrooms, 5 Piles of Ash and 1 Orange Tulip. He will make an Orange Summoning Flower. Go outside the cave, and go a couple of steps to the East to find the spot on a small hill. It is a flower garden, in a square format. Place the magical flower at the center of the spot and kill summoned monsters. Return to Orum.

  4. Now, you must collect for him 5 Pink Petals, 5 Scorpion Stingers and 1 Pink Tulip. Leave the cave and head South to pass the Old Man's hut. On the next map, head South and West to follow the path that leads to the Terranite Cave. In the cave North of Blossoms area (just above her head), head East at every branch (if you open your SOC tab, you can Navigate to Small Closed Hill to get there). You'll reach an isolated spot to place your magical flower. Again, kill all the monsters and return to Orum.

  5. For the third magical flower, you'll have to collect 5 White Furs, 5 Red Scorpion Stingers and 1 White Tulip. However, you'll have to help him to make the flower pouring a rheological additive in the powder mix. Wait until it's bubbling "heavily" and pour it. Once you've got the third magical flower, go back to Hurnscald and enter Hurnscald's Mines. Head East, pass the Yellow Slimes and head South until you reach the Spiders nest. Here, head West and take the first exit that faces North. Place the flower on the spot, kill the monsters, and return to Orum.

  6. He now asks you for 5 Hard Spikes, 5 Angry Scorpion Stingers and 1 Yellow Rose. This time, he will add the rheological additive and you will mix the two powders. Your aim is to make a strong orange mixture. Add red powder when the mixture is too bright and yellow powder when it's too dark. If it remains orange, without dark or light, add small amounts, trying to keep it orange. Keep in mind that the mixture randomly fluctuates a bit. Once the process done, go outside the cave and head East until you reach the main path. Here, follow it East until you see a small trail heading South. Follow the small trail to the next map and continue East at the T intersection. Follow it past the bench on a hill near some logs stacked in piles, and some pots. Continue following the path to the end. When you reach the end, turn right (West) at the main path. There is a portal into a cave at the back of that hill that you come across. Enter it from the road side, even though you can see an entrance from the opposite side (the actual entrance you need is hidden in normal view). Once inside the cave, head East until you reach the exit. Place the magical flower on the spot, kill summoned monsters and return to Orum.

  7. For the last magical flower, Orum wants you to collect 20 Acorns, 3 Pearls, 5 Black Scorpion Stingers and 1 Red Rose. Give him the ingredients and make a choice between mixing the powders or adding the additive. Each case will lead to a disaster but a Rose Hat will fall in the cauldron from Orum's pocket. He gives it to you.

  8. Bring him a new Red Rose to make the last magical flower. Go outside the cave, head East to enter the Woods and make your way to the road, continuing in that direction. Once again, you will see the small trail. Head down there, but this time, head East at the first section of grass that allows you to walk through (3rd or 4th elbow). Place your flower on the spot near the big tree. To see the big tree, you must have "Normal View" enabled. Kill the monsters and return to Orum who gives you 100,000 exp and 100,000GP as a reward. (If you want to kill ALL the monsters spawned, you will need to also go to Sagatha's map, and the Old Wizard area. They spawn all over that map. Still, it is unnecessary to kill all of them.)

<spoiler show="Show which items dropped by monsters" hide="Hide"> Small Mushrooms are dropped by:

Piles Of Ash are dropped by:

Pink Petals are dropped by:

White Furs are dropped by:

Hard Spikes are dropped by:

Acorns are dropped by:

Pearls are dropped by:

Scorpion Stingers are dropped by:

Red Scorpion Stingers are dropped by:

Angry Scorpion Stingers are dropped by:

Black Scorpion Stingers are dropped by:

Roses and Tulips are sold by:



  • 1 Rose Hat (Defense +1, M. Attack +8)
  • 100,000 EXP
  • 100,000 GP

Total Cost:


After completing the quest with Orum you are not required to talk with Waric. As a matter of fact, consider these next points carefully.

Warning : This next part of the quest (with Waric) will set you on the path to Dark Magic and this is irreversible! If you choose to continue with the next part of this quest, and follow Waric's instructions, you will not be able to learn the Astral Magic with Sagatha. This means you have to choose carefully here, as it will determine the rest of your gameplay with the character you are using. To do Waric, you should also be on the Dark Path of Magic, which means that you cut the Druid tree branch and that you killed the Injured Mouboo (see Legacy Magic Quests #light and dark path of magic), but not necessarily meaning that you've talked to the Earth Spirit.

However, if you decide to pursue this path refer to the Dark Magic Skill for more. But know in advance how this Dark Magic quest will affect you, namely, how it will reward you and what it will cost you in items, GP, etc.


  • Dark Magic Skill
  • 150,000 EXP

Total Cost: