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Game Play

The Soul Menhirs are monolithic stones that can be used as a warp point. You can always get an undyed Hitchhiker's Towel from them and use it to warp to the last Soul Menhir you touched. Note that this is only possible with an undyed towel.

There are currently Soul Menhir stones in Tulimshar, Hurnscald, Nivalis, Asphodel Moor and Candor.

You can find the scripts here:



Believed to have been created as a result of the Great Quake, Soul Menhir stones have been discovered in the mountains of Tonori, Argaes and Kaizei. Many of the stones were placed in major cities.

The discoverer of the first Soul Menhir brought it down from the mountain and sold it to the city of Tulimshar. None knew of the power this menhir held, as it was sold for about 1/100th the current Soul Menhir value, and was used as decorative ambiance and a nighttime light source. People gathered to feel the uplifting energy emitted from the stone. The line to touch the stone grew to the thousands and a new rush of miners headed into the mountains to find their own Soul Menhir.

Societal Effects

The existence of the Soul Menhirs has more than quadrupled the number of world adventurers and has resulted in a market flood of monster-related items. In addition, the numbers of hunters has greatly evolved near regions with a Soul Menhir since they can travel to them easily by warping.