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ID: 1012

Level 125

May mutate 2 attributes up to 40%.

Assists, Agro, Picks up loot

Health Points800
Physical Resistance4%
Magical Resistance6%
Job Experience115
Monster Points55



Hurnscald Mine

Starting in Hurnscald, leave town through the northern gate, and follow the stone path to the north. You'll see Mike and the Miner at the entrance to the Hurnscald Mine. When you reach the first cave chamber, follow the cave path east. You'll enter a small room with a single torch and a workbench. There are many Yellow Slimes here.

You can choose to go right or left. If you go left, follow the path all the way down to the large mob of Red Slimes. If you continue a bit further, you will see a large amount of Black Scorpions but still a bit further, you will see a very large amount of Spiders. If you have a high level character, this is a great place to hunt Spiders.

If you go right, just below the Yellow Slimes, there is a cave path leading south to a room with Spiders and a cave entrance sealed with a cobweb. There are a few Spiders around here, but the respawn rate isn't very high. This makes it a valuable place to hunt Spiders in safety.

Terranite Cave

Starting at the entrance to the Terranite Cave, follow the southern cave wall east through the Mogguns and then south to the underground lake. The cave path continues south here, beneath a rocky overhang. When you emerge, you'll find a number of Spiders swarming the area. This a great place to hunt Spiders, but it's also a major highway for players entering the Terranite Cave, some of whom will kill you on sight.

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